Old Time Westerns

A haven, maybe a heaven
where the good old western stories never die.
When the day is dun and the old time westerns spring open

Opening day
was 10 July 2016 CE.

at High Noon.

These Western Titles Available today

You can be a part of it all, from the very first.  
Here are the books ready for you now.

The Lady Loves A Scamp:  Magi Wood was ready to move heaven and earth when she found the love of her life. The alias Mr. Crumbs encouraged Magi to see things her way.

One crumb after another she discovers his feet of clay, a lying tongue, a cheating heart and he was doing fairly well as a successful high-grader.  Fortunately he was willing to show her how wrong she was not to trust him for these sterling talents.
The Western Sheep War, Instead of stopping a simmering feud Gene Isbel busted it wide open and thereby he started the biggest feud in Arizona history.
His orders were simple:  STOP THE RUSTLERS!  
But Gene fell in love with the daughter of the worst rustler in the Hash Knife Gang and the feud exploded in Gene's face!  From defending Ellen's honor and tracking down the rustlers Gene had his hands full and his guns were blazing hot!  

The Seventh ManRonnie MacGregory could stand his loneliness no longer and he had two great excuses for taking off for three days to run home to Alder and get married. His hopes were so high and the truth so low that Ronnie provoked a fight with his woman's second choice, and killed him. The witnesses were aghast by the bitter eagerness with which he had killed. The great man hunter, Pete Glass, easily rounded up a posse of seven men. When Ronnie had a chance to get away, Pete's deputy brought out his rifle and killed Molly the Grey. The lives of all seven posse members were forfeit for that awful deed. The man they had almost captured turned on them in a fury so fierce they ran for their very lives. One by one he tracked them down and made them pay the price of that murder.

Riders of the Purple Sage 

Indian heroes and Chieftains 

The Life of an Indian boy 

The Virginian 

Ben Bridges 

The world today may be slimy with hypocrisy, but no man is justified in killing lions to feed dogs. ~ Cole Younger, OUTLAW.  "Come with me to the prison, where for a quarter of a century I have occupied a lonely cell. When the door swings in on you there, the world does not hear your muffled wail. There is little to inspire mirth in prison.  Click HERE for some free words of advice from the outlaw Cole Younger.

The Autobiography of Buffalo Bill

Calamity Jane  -- by herself 

The Golden Girl lived Life to the fullest 

The first Lady Ranger writes I Married a Ranger is an intimate story of "pioneer" life in a national park, told in an interesting, humorous way, that makes it most delightful.  When she applied for the clerical vacancy existing at the Grand Canyon, no woman had been even considered for the position. The park was new, and neither time nor funds had been available to install facilities that are a necessary part of our park administrative and protective work. Especially was the Grand Canyon lacking in living quarters. For that reason the local superintendent, as well as Washington Office officials, were opposed to sending any women clerks there.

Boots and Saddles 

The Red Badge of Courage 

David Crockett  Please RIGHT CLICK.

The Adventures of Col Daniel Boon  RIGHT CLICK.

Arizona Sketches 

Bull Hunter by Max Brand

In Love With A Thief, A Liar, And A Scoundrel

Cactus was Arizona’s chief crop, stage-robbing her most active industry, and the Apache her most civilized citizen.

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