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Wise old Ben Franklin said:
 "There never was a good war or a bad peace."  

That is a generality, of course.  I can think of at least three wars in which it was necessary for American troops to be deployed.  But even there such notables as Charles Lindbergh and thousands of others thought we should not have been fighting.

It is so easy to say WE should be at war.  WE should do something.  But is it ever that easy to sift out the pros and the cons of any conflict?  Jeremiah was cast into prison for telling Judah which side of the conflict God said they should stand on.  In our own Civil War there were ministers on both sides calling down the wrath of God on the other side and begging for victory for their side. 

No war has ever been popular with 100% of the people.  In the war in heaven one third of God's children fought against Him.  In the War of Independence one third of our country was Tory.  In the Civil War Lincoln had to resort to strong arm tactics to stay in office.  Popular history cuts all of that out.  We now look back at World War II and say that America stood united.  It wasn't so.  Only the draft put enough soldiers in the field. Almost half the people in the United States wanted to let Europe drown in its own battles and pour all our resources into the Pacific Theater.  Eisenhower and Patton were both heaped with calumny.  Harsh criticisms hounded them and Congress screamed constantly for their release right along with members of the media. 

Nor can you listen to the media for direction today.  First it thundered for MORE troops in Viet Nam, then it roared with indignation that our troops should be there at all.  Our first troops went off as heroes, though many of them were reluctant and concerned -- and our last troops came home despised for loyally following orders by the very people that WE elected. 

We are guilty of what we get
Especially if we would not vote!

There is no justice in that, only shame.  In a republic we get what we vote for and we are guilty of what we get especially if we would not vote.  To condemn our citizen army troops for being loyal is worse than cutting your throat to spite your face. 

Not only do our troops deserve our support, our national survival depends on it.  If you disagree with this war, or any war hereafter it is the people you elected that should be removed, not our fellow citizens out there on the battle lines.  Straighten your neighbors out with sound essays and vivid rhetoric, but leave the troops alone or cheer them on like they were just engaged in a football game; their job is hard enough without fighting you too.

The essays you see posted here were accepted because they make some valid points of an original nature -- and are not mindless chants or repetitions someone else originated.


Hand Picked Essays About War

Justifying World War I

General Pershing was the leader of American troops during the first World War, the one fought to make the world safe for democracy.  This was the first time that officially designated American troops fought under a flag not their own.

The Cold Crucible of Valley Forge brought out the best in us.

These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls


John, John Brown here speaks as one that knows his own mind.


Breakfast is Served: The invasion of the United States by one angry Irishman.


On The Beaches, by Winston Churchill.


Old Ironsides 


Distant Possessions, by Andrew Carnegie.  Is the Republic, the apostle of Triumphant Democracy, of the rule of the people, to abandon her political creed and endeavor to establish in other lands the rule of the foreigner over the people, Triumphant Despotism?  

As the war clouds gather round us again the War Will Make Us Rich theory rears its ugly head once more.  The theory is that war will save our economy and in some magical way boost the supply of Happy Bucks bumping around in our pockets.


The economical logic of War. There exists a science of human action that is applicable to all purposeful activities. This science is referred to as "praxeology." Although economics is its most developed branch, the basic principles of this science can also be applied to analyzing violent action including warfare. Thus Murray Rothbard wrote:

The Peasant With Presence  The story of Peter the Great and how he came to reverence a mere peasant as the mighty Catherine, Ruler of all Russia.

Meant To Be One.  Hope and Love are the only tools known that can break down the barriers between warring nations.


BOOT CAMP!  Joining any branch of the Armed Forces is about responsibility. Even if every man, officer and duty roster on ship hates your guts, your responsibility will still be staring you in the face and demanding your attention. If you have trouble hauling out the garbage at home you may not be cut out to become one of those daring young souls that can help save the world. If you hate your mother for asking you to clean up your room occasionally I guarantee you will not love your drill master in boot camp .

Combat Ready:  Never shirk your training. Maybe you didn t volunteer to be here, maybe when you signed up you were drunk, or maybe you were just flat out lied to so you would sign on the dotted line. It doesn t matter how or why you are here. Put that behind you and remember this one thing: You are making habits that will last you a lifetime; make the right ones.

Coping with War, getting ready, prepared for those with children who still think it will be a thirty day lark.  John Wayne won't be there.  Neither will Rambo.

Will the War with Iraq trigger a new round of inflation?  We can look around us now and see the answer to this question.

Perceptions and reality lessons learned from the war.  

Finding Peace in Times of Terror... 

As the war clouds gather round us again the War Will Make Us Rich theory rears its ugly head once more.  The theory is that war will save our economy and in some magical way boost the supply of Happy Bucks bumping around in our pockets.

The Sling Shot, a deadly weapon that was used long, long Step Away From Death.. Some of the best humor on earth comes from the firing line.  Here, let me give you a few examples that prove my point. 

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