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Since it is a natural resource, compared to plastic, which can easily be manufactured and recycled, wooden toys and products are much more difficult to come by. In fact, most toy manufacturers would prefer to make plastic and synthetic material toys because they cost a lot less to make, as opposed to wood toys. 

This is because when you mix learning with play, children don't realize that they are being educated. The learning comes smoothly and naturally, and the child does not feel that he or she is being forced to learn something. Below are three of the best and ideal educational toys you can get for your growing infant. 

Being astronomers in the future is also famous among children. For them, anything that has to do with stars, galaxies, moons, planets and the universe are great quality toys. Space mission play sets, handy star navigators, quality telescopes and binoculars, glow in the dark stars and solar systems and rockets are some quality educational toys you can provide your child to have fun and dicover with. 

Despite the fact that they can be quite expensive, parents take no heed of the price, recognizing only that the benefits their children can gain from playing with an educational toy far outweigh the price tag. There are many kinds of educational toys, but the electronic ones are probably the most sought after. 

Sales of children's educational toys have risen continuously over the past years because more and more people are starting to see their value, especially as gifts, as opposed to simply giving a stuffed toy or a doll. Children will be able to appreciate a toy more if they are able to interact with it more actively. 

Also the individual personality of children should be considered, before deciding on the appropriate educational toys and games for learning or simply, playing purposes. It should also be noted that as children grow older, does necessarily mean the end of educational toys and games. As they are approaching the adolescent stage, children experience emotional upheavals, which can be stabilize to a certain degree, by engaging into games appropriate for their age, one of which is sports.