Purple Tainted

The rise of pagan sacrifice in America

By Dana Smith

Psalms 106:35 But "Israel" were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works.

36 And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them.

37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils,

38 And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.

39 Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.

40 Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.

41 And he gave them into the hand of the heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.

Statistics reveal that for every 1000 normal births, 572 babies are aborted in the United States.  Women 25 years or younger are getting 52% of the abortions, with 19% of those "women?" being teenagers.

The land of America is tainted with the spilling of this innocent blood. Today the land is crying out for justice.

But the sacrifices go on.


Psalms 106:38 And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.

The hands holding this little body were clothed in yellow gloves for protection against blood, disease, and other grime. As I looked at the picture, my heart was stalled for a moment. Like a car that suddenly stops for no apparent reason. I gasped, sighed, then caught my breath. There were two legs laying limply down from the body. You could see the back including the little bottom of what was a baby. Up towards the neck, the blue skin and red blood revealed the destiny of this little one. A deep protrusion one half inch wide and moving along the spine off to the right a bit the length of the backside. Below the hands, off to the bottom right you could see a portion of a blackened lump. It was hard to tell what it was, except the small ear on one side. This was the babies’ head. The baby was limp, blue, covered in blood with a deep cut most of the length of its body. It looked like a full term infant.

Like a prize draped over the persons hand who was holding it, the sheer gruesomeness set it. The baby resembled a gutted animal ready for the butchers’ block. There was Blood everywhere. As I looked at this baby, I could see what we have been doing in the hollowed halls of our hospitals and clinics, slaughtering babies. They had not just intervened in a woman’s pregnancy, but they had murdered and sliced up what looked like a full term baby. There is even evidence today that reveals some in this profession sell the baby body parts. I had seen other pictures, mostly of pieces of skin so mangled you could not tell what it was. Just aborted remains, not human. Wait, they are human. They are babies. These pictures though, revealed something that America has done. We have crossed the line along with other nations who reasoned within themselves this butchery is okay.

America has no conscience. We still have memories of 911 though. What we fail to see are the millions of babies aborted since the Roe V Wade decision years ago. According to public records, there have been an estimated 40 to 44 million babies aborted.

We abort babies for a number of reasons. Let me tell you a first hand story here. This is an actual event. About two years ago a person whom I knew needed work. This woman went to work for a person on a short project. For this she was paid very well.

After it was over, the young lady, whom we knew very well disappeared over the weekend. We knew she had been pregnant so when she got back from wherever it was she went to, surprise filled us at the news. The young woman had gotten an abortion. The money paid to her was put with other reserves for the procedure. The sad part of this story is several months later, she was pregnant again. This time by a different man. They ended up keeping this baby. This scenario is played out in our nation on a daily basis. The sin of abortion, free sex, and loose morals have a deadening effect upon our nation and its people.


When girls want sex, they go get some. Boys need sex they go find a willing mate. Our nation is adrift in this three-letter word we call sex. Then when the girls get an unwanted pregnancy, they have this go get an abortion option. It seems in many cases the only reason we are aborting babies is so the result of the sin is not there to put up with. Have sex, get pregnant, get an abortion. Three steps to fun and freedom.

Have sex, its okay, nothing to worry about. Anyway, you can always get an abortion. What about the little ones who are aborted? They did not ask to be murdered in this fashion. But yet we do it day after day.

Women want rights. It’s their body. I agree. But whose body do those little ones belong to in the womb? Did the woman make the egg? Did the woman create DNA or Chromosomes? Did man call out to the creative forces and presto with magic create a baby? No. Simply put, a source higher than either man or woman has the last say so. His name is the Lord and he stands up for the innocent. He watches this nation as it slaughters 4,000 infants a day.

Statistics reveal that for every 1000 normal births, 572 babies are aborted.

Women 25 years or younger are getting 52% of the abortions, with 19% of those women being teenagers.

The astonishing figure of women that are unmarried is at 82%,who are getting abortions.

 This reveals just how immoral we are in America. What happened to morals anyway? Can you spell morals? In America it is spelled as I-D-O-W-H-A-T-I-W-A-N-T.

Where is moral justice? The churches today don’t seem to care. Many are so busy with their own agenda of money raising, and keeping the church spotless, these issues are long ignored. There is no more outrage.

The land of America is tainted with the spilling of this innocent blood.

Today the land is crying out for justice from an Almighty God. The issue that must be solved is this. Stop killing innocent little humans. They are precious. They are not a piece of meat. They are not something to butcher and sell off. Although one website has a Baby Parts list.

Guess somebody needs a baby’s ear. It costs only $75.00, and you can get a 40% discount if it is significantly fragmented. This alone nauseates me. You been praying for America? Good, but you better put legs on your prayers or get out of here. For if we do not stop the carnage, God will. When God does stop it, those getting abortions won’t like the way it’s done. A lot of Americans won’t like it either. Too bad.

the end

Bio:  Dana Smith is a Free lance writer, Editor of the Watchman Prophecy Alert News, on Current events relating to Bible prophecy. Visit http://www.wingswatchman.org and http://www.ddayforamerica.com










There is no denying that using the modern health care system will plunge anyone into bankruptcy unless they have adequate (and un-cancelable) health insurance. 

Let's back up a step though. Has it ever been proven that our unhampered modern health care system would actually provide a better state of health to American citizens?

The 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln.

The Gettysburg Address, by Abraham Lincoln.

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Charity Beginneth with the Soul:  Charity must be freely given, a choice to do something for others, with desires originating in the soul.  Charity cannot be given from compulsion.

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God Bless Americans.. The Israelites had Aaron build a golden calf for them to worship in the wilderness and proclaimed that calf their own hands had fashioned was the god who had delivered them from Egypt.  Like those Israelites we have gone too far.  As a nation we have now left the God who made us too far behind.

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Should healthcare be completely privatized - or should a segment of it be left in public hands? As the debate infects countries adhering to the "social model of capitalism" (e.g., Scandinavia and France) and spreads to countries in transition in Central and Eastern Europe -it is worthwhile to study the experience of the bellwether in privatized health care: the USA.

The Internet started out as a network of computers set up for military purposes. To cut a long story short, the World Wide Web started out simply because it could; the Internet was there to host it, and the technology was there to deliver it. Both were heralded as the new face of democracy – at long last, the voiceless had a voice. 

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The True Fourth of July by Muhammad Nasser Bey.

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