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Events so bad they must be done away with.

Conditions that must be changed.

Situations which must be improved.

People who must be praised, or condemned.

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Abortion in America 

There is no denying that using the modern health care system will plunge anyone into bankruptcy unless they have adequate (and un-cancelable) health insurance. 

Let's back up a step though. Has it ever been proven that our unhampered modern health care system would actually provide a better state of health to American citizens?

The 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln.

The Gettysburg Address, by Abraham Lincoln.

The Constitution has no avenue for charity to be given by the government.  

Charity Beginneth with the Soul:  Charity must be freely given, a choice to do something for others, with desires originating in the soul.  Charity cannot be given from compulsion.

Finding Peace in Times of Terror... 

God Bless Americans.. The Israelites had Aaron build a golden calf for them to worship in the wilderness and proclaimed that calf their own hands had fashioned was the god who had delivered them from Egypt.  Like those Israelites we have gone too far.  As a nation we have now left the God who made us too far behind.

Is Gambling Wrong?  

The Constitution is just an old piece of paper
until citizens are ready to fight Congress
for the right to make it sacred again.

Should healthcare be completely privatized - or should a segment of it be left in public hands? As the debate infects countries adhering to the "social model of capitalism" (e.g., Scandinavia and France) and spreads to countries in transition in Central and Eastern Europe -it is worthwhile to study the experience of the bellwether in privatized health care: the USA.

The Internet started out as a network of computers set up for military purposes. To cut a long story short, the World Wide Web started out simply because it could; the Internet was there to host it, and the technology was there to deliver it. Both were heralded as the new face of democracy at long last, the voiceless had a voice.

Meant To Be One.  Hope and Love are the only tools known that can break down the barriers between warring nations.

Daniel Webster's last address to the New York Historical Society.  

The Poor You Have Always With You. An essay on the homeless, reprinted many times, yet it is still fresh and biting new.

Watches, a symbol of love betrayed? by Lin Stone.

The Law of Tooth and Claw:  You have to make allowances for puppies, or kill them.

Potential Men by John Sheirer.  A few thoughts on women, men, and violence.

Eugenics Anonymous   Albert Edward Wiggam said: "The laws that govern the evolution of plants and animals apply to man. We can have any kind of race we want -- beautiful or ugly, wise or foolish, strong or weak, moral or immoral."

Eugenics and the Future of the Human Species:  It is clear that modern medicine has created a serious dilemma ... In the past, there were many children who never survived - they succumbed to various diseases ... But in a sense modern medicine has put natural selection out of commission. Something that has helped one individual over a serious illness can in the long run contribute to weakening the resistance of the whole human race to certain diseases. 

The True Fourth of July by Muhammad Nasser Bey.

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