Dreams and Blushes Maria had never been kissed before.  She was an innocent from abroad and she fell head over heels in love with the very first American boy she met.  But, what would Mamma say if Mamma knew she had spent a whole night with a boy, alone all night with a boy and she had been kissed, not just once, but several times? 

Maria was treading on uncertain ground. Men did not ask for dower settlements in America. They could please themselves and marry a pretty, even though penniless face. . . .

Besides, what was saved on Maria's dowry would be used to plump out Juliett's dowry.  Without a good dowry poor Julietta would never have those children she was frantic to bring into the world.  But, what did Maria know about America?   Only that she might find a husband. . . . Travel. . . . Adventure. . . . and of course, the unknown. . . . It was, in fact, a hazard of the sharpest chance.

She did not know the ways over here!   That knowledge brought a chill of gravity into the hot currents of her fluttering heart—a chill that was the cold breath of a terrific responsibility. She felt herself to be the sole hope, the sole resource of her family. Maria was the die on which their throw of fortune was to be cast.  How could an innocent from abroad win the game of love in an America where flappers could both come and go; where the competition set no limits of any kind?  Yet, a husband she MUST get, and FAST!

Legend of the Car, by Sinclair Lewis.. This love story recounts that impossible dream of every farm boy to meet and marry a princess.  They meet in a mud hole on the road to Seattle.  When the mud cleared he was a marked man, the enemy of her scorned lover.  Be sure to download this book to your Kindle if you have one.  This book is free, and it may be passed on to your family, friends and neighbors.

Anne of Green Gables.  This is acknowledged as the absolute best coming-of-age romance novel of all time.  Tale Wins has published the book with a comfortable width for easier scanning and the font is Verdana of 14 pt for even more comfort while reading.  Then, the distance between the lines of type was increased by a full 50%, ----- As a final touch the distance between each letter was also expanded -- and on top of that the pages are stacked end on end so that all you have to do is put your monitor on a level with your eye and keep punching the <pgDn> button to produce more narrative in a continuous stream of reading pleasure.  Like I've said before.. Our free books are PRICELESS!

Working On The RailRoad to keep the line safe is hard, dangerous work even today.  100 years ago the work was deadly.  Barbara fell in love with the man that could tame the iron rails and repair the bridge over Blue Waters.  But she was a little too rich -- and spoiled -- for his blood.  Read more, here.


LOVE LETTERS:  Here are a series of Love Letters fit for a King. Tied with a bold, black ribbon they were all in a bulky, single packet and, we hope, in proper sequence as this is the same order in which we have arranged them. The packet was found inside a still clasped old camelback trunk bought at an estate sale near London.

Lin Stone has published them in the original spirit. Editors make no claim for antiquity and cannot connect the parties with any known figures from the past. It is our hope that we have at least kept the matter of spelling and designations as they were found in the original. Any mistakes you find were probably the author's.

A young Confederate girl battles through 4 years of Civil War, looking for love and freedom.


Overland Red. Click that link and read the first page.  Fit it on for style.  Download the whole book from there.


Virginians At Work by George Cary Eggleston. It sweeps us from the last charges of the American Civil War all the way to a civilian battle scene with consequences vast and serious. The author champions the cause of women around the world and credits them with most of the success of these ventures as well as most of human progress.


Fore Love: A turn of the last century romance when the wealthy had millions to win and lose on a game of golf. 



Blue Bird Weather  *  The Courtly Lover:  *  High Mountain Love:  *  Lorraine:  *  Love Country  *  Reflections of Love 

It's a BIG Country, Montana discovered. As a younker he had learned the cowboy skillls and believed he could do well moving cattle through Texas, Oklahoma and farther north - with pay coming at the end of ride.  He purdee did like that part, of his money piling up and  waiting for him.

Athalie has the clear sight, She can see around corners and across continents, and maybe that isn't a good gift to have.  Mr. Chalmers has a way of taking weak, brooding characters and walk them through an epoch where courage is essential and the truth must be faced if they are to survive at all. Thus we see the epoch with its seams hanging out and the characters coming to grips with their own frailties.

Of Human Bondage  *  Ivanhoe  *  Lily Of The Field  *  Honest Abe  *  Sense and Sensibilities  *  

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