About Money

"Money makes you feel better,
even if you don't like the stuff." 

-- Joe Louis, professional boxer.

"Money isn't everything,
but sometimes my banker won't accept anything else." 
-- Lin Stone, professional writer.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil:
which while some coveted after, they have
erred from the faith, and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows."  ~ Paul, allegedly an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

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The current tax code is a labyrinth of over nine million pages of indecipherable jargon only a federal bureaucrat could fully appreciate with the sole purpose of creating confusion and promoting the tax preparation industry. So is there anything we can do about this monstrosity?  You bet. Click HERE and read about the Fair Tax Revolution.  

Golden Rules For Making Money by P. T. BarnumIn the United States, where we have more land than people, it is not at all difficult for persons in good health to make money. In this comparatively new field there are so many avenues of success open, so many vocations which are not crowded, that any person of either sex who is willing, at least for the time being, to engage in any respectable occupation that offers, may find lucrative employment.  

Personal Finance   120 videos providing top echelon professional help with your personal problems or personal opportunities.

The History of Gold, as Money,  Gold is one of the most dynamic elements of the modern economy and some might find it funny that the oldest form of valuing physical commodities is still thriving today. The first gold coins were produced in 700 BC and since then the precious metal has been used as the primary exchange element.

The Gold Standard Farce

The Division of Labour, by Adam Smith 

The One Dollar Bill reveals what the dollar was meant to be backed up with.

The destiny of a $1.00 investment made by John J Jones in 1921 CE..

A Tale of Two Cents  -- The history and future of the Lincoln Penny, by Keith Scott  Please RIGHT CLICK.

The Typology of Financial Scandals.  Can you recognize a scam?

Is your money SAFE in the bank?  Miracles happen daily inside banks, but so does sleight of hand.

The Value of Money explains why we are always broke.

The IMF  

The Moon on Six Pence Uncle Bob was an unforgettable character who traveled the world on bargain rates and golden smiles!

Think about it, if you were really starving would you rather see a politician in the capital of your country burn a bunch of dollars like they were toast , or would you rather have a goat of your own to roast?  Make Congress send out goats for foreign aid and you'll kill political kickback.

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