Intermittently Yours

copyright 2007
by Lin Stone

Dear Friend:

Back in the old days, people -- men especially -- would sign their letters in various ways, but "Obediently yours" or, "Your Servant" were the favorites.  These days signatures have deteriorated so badly even our crudest sales letters simply get signed with:

"Sincerely yours." 

"Sincerely yours" is so trite and worn out that it needs to be abolished.  The sincere part is never true anyway because all the sincere people on earth have accepted offers they could not refuse and stand compromised before the Lord. 

Consequently -- as a writer -- I have decided that we need to introduce some new closures and leaped to the rescue with new closure suggestions.  For example, kids writing home for money could sign their letters "Needingly yours."  Protest letter writers could sign off with "Defiantly yours" -- while apologists could sign off with Regretfully yours.  Lovers who got caught cheating and want to come back into the arms of their jilted partners could sign off with Intermittently yours.  The jilted lover writing back could sign the letter off with Seldom yours.  The cad that sold them Viagra to start with could be encouraged into signing his sales letters with "Manfully yours."

Oh, wow!  When you get to thinking about it there are a lot of closures laying around that we could be using.  Merrily yours, Resourcefully yours, Obligingly yours, Insistingly yours, Perishingly yours, Alternately yours, with Crushingly yours thrown in just for wrestlers and football players are just a few variations that come readily to mind.  Once the trends of change begin wafting through the tree tops teenagers will pick up the cue and create some Wonderfully yours signatures that are appallingly yours and Awesomely yours too.

Therefore, let us obligingly consider this matter and strive to convert these changes in our styles of correspondence closures to make the stale art of letter writing refreshingly ours.  Letter writing may never end up the same again.

Sincerely yours

Lin Stone.


Dear Friend:

Back in the good old days, men would sign their letters to a dear one in one of two ways, "Obediently yours" or, "Your Servant". Today "Sincerely yours" has obliterated the competition. However it is so trite and worn out that it needs to be abolished along with bossy.

New closures will bring a breath of clean air to the lost art of letter writing. For example, kids writing home for money could sign their letters "Needingly yours." Protest letter writers could sign off with "Defiantly yours" -- while apologists could use Regretfully yours. Lovers who got caught cheating could sign off with Intermittently yours. The jilted lover writing back could sign the letter Seldom yours. Doesn't this add a new dimension to letters? We could race down the letter to see what final disposition of our discomfiture might be assigned.

There are dozens of closures lying around that we could be using. Once the trends of change begin wafting through the tree tops teenagers will pick up the cue and create some Wonderfully yours signatures that are appallingly yours and Awesomely yours too.

Therefore, let us scan our options below to match up our true feelings with the contents of our letters to make the stale art of letter writing vibrantly new once more.

The following suggestions have been alphabetized for convenience.

Accidentally yours
Agreeably yours
Allegedly yours
Almost yours
Alternately yours
Amazingly yours
Anciently yours
Answerably yours
Anxiously yours
Appallingly yours
Apparently yours
Assuredly yours
Au Contrairily yours
Awesomely yours

Brutally yours

Contentedly yours
Crankily yours
Criminally yours
Crushingly yours

Decimatedly yours
Defectively yours
Defiantly yours
Dejectedly yours
Devastatedly yours
Deniably yours
Desperately yours
Doggedly yours

Engrossedly yours
Expectantly yours
Expectorantly yours
Experimentally yours
Explosively yours
Exuberantly yours

Flippantly yours
Forcibly yours
Fully yours

Gaily yours
Gamefully yours
Gamely yours
Gently yours
Grossly yours

Happily yours
Hesitantly yours
Hungrily yours

Immaturely yours
Immeasurably yours
Immediately yours
Incarceratedly yours
Incorrigibly yours
Increasingly yours
Incredibly yours
Incrementally yours
incurably yours
Indigently yours
Indignantly yours
Innocently yours
Insistently yours
Insistingly yours
Insurably yours
Intermittently yours
Intractibly yours

Jauntily yours
Laughably yours
Laughingly yours
Legally yours
Luckily yours
Lustfully yours
Lustily yours
Lustingly yours

Manfully yours
Meaningfully yours
Meaningly yours
Merrily yours
Miserably yours
Mistakenly yours
Mopingly yours
Mournfully yours
Myopically yours

Nakedly yours
Nearly yours
Necessarily yours
Needfully yours
Neglectfully yours
Obligingly yours
Obstinately yours
Officially yours
Openly yours
Opinionatedly yours
Originally yours

Partially yours
Particularly yours
Partly yours
Partyly yours
Penetratingly yours
Perfectly yours
Perishingly yours
Perversely yours
Piquantly yours
Positively yours
Preferably yours
Prematurely yours
Proudly yours
Publicly yours

Reconcilably yours
Refreshingly yours
Regretably yours
Regretfullly yours
respectfully yours
Responsibly yours
Responsively yours
Resourcefully yours

Satisfactorily yours
Secondly yours
Seldom yours
Sickly yours
Sincerely yours
Singly yours
Slickly yours
Sluggishly yours
Solemnly yours
Stressfully yours
Strictly yours
Stupidly yours
Supposedly yours
Surely yours
Sweetly yours

Terribly yours
Testily yours
Trustingly yours

Unaccountably yours
Undeniably yours
Unfortunately yours
Uninsurably yours
Uniquely yours
Until Then, My Love
Until tomorrow, My Darling
Usually yours

Wonderfully yours
Wonderingly yours
Worriedly yours
Worshipfully yours
Yours, Forever -- And, of course, that final disposition:
Yours Intestate.

If you can suggest any more closures, please send them to us. Put SINCERELY YOURS in the subject line. Thank you.

the end

Bio:  Lin Stone is the author of thirty three books and has published numerous articles in magazines and on the web. His home base is established in Noble, Oklahoma but he travels extensively to fulfill his writing obligations. StoneSoup provides a long list of those articles and books of his that you can pick up for free.

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