Protect Yourself 
Secret Tracking Devices

Can you be tracked using the holograms on some driver's licenses, credit cards?
Many people believe you can.

Here are some facts and links to worry over.

A laser beam is split into two beams: {see diagram above}
The reference beam is spread by a lens or curved mirror and aimed directly at the film plate
The object beam is spread and aimed at the object. The object reflects some of the light on the holographic film-plate. The two beams interact forming an interference pattern on the film. This is the hologram. Laser light is needed because it is made of coherent waves (of same wavelength and phase).
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Some of the uses?  Holographic computer memory storage, holographic microscopy, holographic radar, etc.
It is a well known fact that your web surfer can be tracked anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.  With the right software webmasters can identify you, your machine, your host, your server, and your browser.  That's the simple software.  More sophisticated tools know where you came from, what you were looking for, and where you are going when you leave.

Look at how much information is contained in one little Smart Card.  Look at your rechargeable phone cards.  Let's face it -- it just flat won't take much to keep you spotted if the government does want to know where you are.  Wouldn't a hologram on your driver's license be the perfect hiding place for a tracking device?  I mean, you have GOT to have the thing just in case you're ever stopped by the police, or want to buy a pack of cigarettes.

The latest implementation is even MORE astonishing. Colossal Storage's method for writing is like having billions of vertical spatial light modulated pages in one rewritable ferroelectric track, each track having billions of SLM's. Imagine having billions of SLM on the disk where the data is written / read in bit / byte / word accurately every time at atomic light speeds.

Ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals offer the possibility of controlling and manipulating light within a UV/Deep Blue frequency. The small size of ferroelectric photonic bandgap structures makes it possible to fabricate transparent optical devices like volume atomic holographic storage having both positive and negative index of refraction.

Colossal Storage has over 1200 of the world's best scientist wanting to prove the patent and holographic concepts of the infinite rewritable random access nanotechnology.

Patents covers techniques and functions for controlling ferroelectric perovskite high-K dielectric binary dipole molecules properties which can be used for atomic holographic optical mass storage of data. The patents deal with techniques for fast data transfer read/write control of ferroelectric molecules which have a data retention life of >100 years.

Colossal Storage patents for ferroelectric optical storage wants to raise data storage densities > 40,000 terabits/cubic centimeter.

One 3.5 in FeDisk will = 20,000 DVD's or 4,000 Blu-ray disks

NANOTECHNOLOGY using Photon/Laser Induced Electric Field Poling Theory Invented by Michael E. Thomas has many other Non-Contact transparent nanophotonic or nanomolecular uses as per the NanoApplications examples below using our Patented NanoTechnology

-     3D Holographic Interactive Multimedia Storage Tablet
-     Multiple different boot operating systems on common CPU platform
-     2D/3D Rewritable Atomic Holographic Removable Disk/Card/Drum/Paper
-     2D/3D Rewritable Holographic Disk/Card/Drum VCR
-     2D/3D Rewritable Holographic Camera/Photography/Profilometer
- 2D/3D Rewritable Atomic Holographic Maskless Lithography and Xerography
     Tool for 3D NanoPrinting and 3D NanoImprinting
-     Programmable 3D Holographic In Circuit Telecommunications, Waveguides
     and Microwave NanoOptoTransceiver Communication Equipment
-     3D Programmable UV/deep blue Laser Photon Emitter Source
-     Re-Programmable 3D Holographic Optical Murals and Window Glass of any
     size for home, office, museum, skyscraper, and movie theatres
-     3D Holographic Programmable Camouflage Coatings and Programmable
     Holographic Stealth Photonic Invisibility
-     3D Programmable Holographic NanoSwitch for High Speed Bi-direction Optical
     Transmission & Receiver Optical Network Telecommunications
-     In circuit Re-Programmable Atomic Holographic Photonic Crystal Multiplexers
     for a wide range of light frequencies
-     2D/3D Programmable MEMS/NEMS and Nanooptical Reflective Switches
-     2D/3D RE-Programmable Transparent Optical Nanomotors, Nanoconveyors,
     Nanoneedles, Nanosensors, and Nanovalves
-     2D/3D Holographic Programmable Transparent Optical Nanowiring
-     2D/3D Transparent Photonic Optical NLO Crystal NanoTransistor to densities
     > 40,000 tera-transitors/
-     3D Optical, Laser, Photon, Molecular , or Atomic Computers
-     Anthrax / SARS and other molecules bioparticle detection and classification
-     3D Photonic Nanocontrolled Biological Particle/Molecule containing ferroelectric
     perovskites for detection, sampling, monitoring, counterfeit
-     2D/3D Non-Contact Optical Electrophoresis
-     2D/3D NanoCeramic Extreme High Temperature Coatings
-     2D/3D Holographic NanoIntegrated Circuit Photolithography for rewritable in
     circuit reformation fabrication of existing Optical Nanocircuits
-     2D/3D Photonic/Molecular/Atomic NanoSwitches for Broadband
-     2D/3D Optical NanoLight Valves and NanoRelays
-     2D/3D Precision Reprogrammable Holographic NanoLenses
-     2D/3D Programmable Atomic Holographic Light Filters having both positive and
     negative index of refraction.
-     2D/3DProgrammable Holographic Transparent Optical Wiring
-     2D/3D Identification Tags / Badges for Products, Identification Cards for DMV /
     SSN / INS / Passports / Birth Certificates , Counterfeit Money Protection,
     Money Orders / Credit Cards / Travellars Checks / Tickets, Music and Film
     Industry and other Copyrighted sources for 100 % Absolute 2D/3D Protection
     from Intellectual Property (IT) Theft
-     3D Spintronics and Quantum Molecular Computing.

For Additional Information, Please Contact: Michael E. Thomas  Colossal Storage Corporation 

Now, I don't have anything at all to hide from the government; I've only went over the speed limit once in the past 34 years. On the other hand, I'm just perverse enough to throw a waffle-leaded shield over my driver's license so that nothing in it can be detected.  Not even an X-ray machine can see what is inside it.  The license is still there, ready for use anytime I need it, but it ain't going to reveal my location to any satellite in the sky.

If you are feeling perverse I can make a shield for you too.

Drop me a line right here for details.  Put CLOAKING HOLOGRAMS in the subject line.


Some other interesting links follow below.

We intend to create the most powerful device, which has whenever been designed to manipulate the atoms with laser beams, a volume hologram.

One idea states that the functioning of the brain is holographic. The brain stores its data, especially memory, throughout its entire volume. Removing a section merely "dims" the entire picture rather than eliminating a portion of it. Everything we experience, including solid objects, can be reduced to atoms, and below that, frequencies or vibrations. 

Based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Holtronic Technologies has been applying special properties of holograms to the manufacture of microcircuits, specifically for lithography, the most critical operation in the manufacturing process. 

Holo-Sunglasses: a new style of sunglasses made with state of the art holographic technology NEW!

Create beautifully animated screen saver designs of waves and swirls of color using the same techniques used to create real life holograms.

The stunning artististic images you're about to view are true three-dimensional holograms created with laser beams. Remember, though, we can only show you photographs of the holograms -- there's no way to show you the real thing over the Internet (yet!).

What we resent is the fact that the government or a corporation can track our 'cash'. They have been able to track credit purchases and check purchases for years, but cash was not traceable until now...


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