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Hot New Dog Race Explodes

Copyright 2020
by Earl H. Roberts

A hot new Dog Sled Race will explode with a bang from City Hall in Stuttgart and continue uninterrupted until the winners collect their winnings on the front steps of the Bank of England, which will be holding the magnificent purse.

Entry fees are 100 monetary units per sled from your country of origin..     
Make checks payable to Tina Miller at 

The current Queen of England has been petitioned to hand out all prize money 
to the winners directly from the Bank of England's front doors.

100% of the entry fees will be distributed to the winners of the race as prize money. 
50% goes to the first place winner. 
23% goes to the second place winner. 
And the remaining 17% goes to the third place winner.

International Sponsors are invited to contribute additional prizes along the route.  It is rumored that Furina had already offered a thousand pounds of Puppy Chompers as an extra bonus for any musher team in the winner's circle that is hoisting their international banner when crossing the finish line.


Rule #1, There shall be no infractions of the rules.  Anyone who infracts the rules shall forfeit any fractional share in the winnings.

Rule #2, The collective weight of the mushers for each sled entered in the race must exceed a minimum 250 pound limit. 

Rule #3, The collective weight of dogs can not exceed a 210 pounds limit.
Mushers may choose any breed of dogs and any number of dogs from any combination of those breeds. 
For example, two Great Danes  totaling 150 pounds can be coupled with 15 or 20 of their little Mexican Hairless cousins for a super thrust of added traction on the incline of any hills.

Rule #4, Each musher must wear a vest of flourescent orange hue with head gear to match.  This should eliminate all the accidental pot shots from local poachers that race officials wish to avoid.

Rule #5,  No matter how many mushers are on each sled Not more than one human foot can be on the ground at one time at any time during the entire race. 
The type of casing that single foot must be shod in has not been established at this time and therefore is left still wide open for speculation.  Nike? and other manufacturers have been invited to participate in the creation of special racing gear especially for the feet in this race.

Rule #6, All dog food consumed during the race must be carried on the sled with the exception of specific purchases made at the super nutrition chow centers established along the route by promotional race supporters.

Rule #7,  All mushers must follow the racing route exactly.  Deviations of any kind will be punished severely.

Rule #8,  All dog sleds must fly the flag of their national origin, but may also fly an identifying banner of munificent advertising import as well.

Rule #9, Sleds can be made of any material, provided each sled weighs more than 10 pounds. 

Rule #10, Sleds can be manufactured to any design the mind of man can conceive of.  For example, Peso Little intends to build a special two wheeled dog sled that is designed like a Roman Chariot. 
On the downhill runs Peso will throw all of his 310 pound weight to the back of the sled as a cantilever, thus raising his dogs off the ground and giving them a much needed rest as they plunge downhill.

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For added safety during this special event all poachers in the region that are known to occasionally mistake fast moving dog-sledders for low flying ducks have been warned to keep out of sight at all times during the race.  Anyone caught with a smoking gun will have his or her hunting license revoked for all time and eternity.  Repeat offenders will lose their fishing license as well!

To insure there will not be any blinding snow storms to interfere with the visionary capacities of the mushers the race will not start until 6:00 A.M. on the morning of July Fourth in the year 2020 CE..  The mayor Stuttgart has volunteered to personally serve a hot cup of his private blend of pre-launch coffee to each dog sled musher that lines up on the starting line that morning.
As you probably know, Stuttgart is home of the World's Championship Duck Calling Contest, the world-famous Bud Light Duck Gumbo Cook-off, the best sport-shop in the U.S. (Mack's Prairie Wings) and the best duck calls in the world -- namely Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls. 

The Racing Route

Mushers will line up in front of Stuttgart's City Hall in the same order in which they have posted their entry fee.  If two or more mushers register on the same day the envelope with the prettiest stamp will be opened (and registered) first!

From the City Hall of Stuttgart, mushers will find the most direct route to Highway 11 going towards Hazen
and follow it to the junction with Highway 165 where they will turn sharply to the LEFT.  
Click HERE to see the map provided by  

Mushers will continue on Highway 165 -- without variation -- through Humnoke, Coy, Seaton Dump and on to England.

Lemonade stands will be set up along the way by The Arkansas Association of Young  HomePreneurs.  The first musher to arrive at each stand will receive a free cup, with ice, on the house.  Sweetener is extra, of course.

All traffic entering Humnoke from Highway 13 will be halted during the race every time any dog sled is in sight.
Click HERE to see the map provided by 

Troopers stationed in the suburbs of Coy have promised to keep a squad car standing by with its engine running, to prevent traffic snarls as mushers whiz through the area.
Click HERE to see the map provided by 

Mushers are invited to lighten their loads at Seaton Dump for the final push to the finish line.
Click HERE to see the map provided by 

The front steps of the Bank of England are located right where Highway 165 makes a SHARP right hand turn and heads towards Little Rock.  
Click HERE to see the map provided by  

There is a stop light flashing at this junction, but we have been told that mushers do not have to pay it any attention since nobody else in England ever has.

Prize Money Note:
The Little Drummer Girl (AKA Jade Elmore) will beat the drums slowly
while The Queen of England distributes the prize money if she arrives in time. 
If our negotiations with the Queen of England fall through then The Little Drummer Girl will play the drums slowly
while she tries to distribute the prize money at the same time with her other hand.

Consolation Prizes:
All mushers who finish the race in time
will be treated to an exuberant display of fireworks in the grandest park in all of England.

the end.

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Hot New Dog Race Explodes with a bang from the City Hall in Stuttgart and will continue uninterupted until the winners collect their winnings on the front steps of the Bank of England, which will be holding the magnificent purse.

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