Chickens Are 
Cute Little Carnivores
Copyright © 2005 by Lin Stone

One reason baby chicks are so fascinating
 is that they are so obviously, 
but are much more readily available.

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My name is Zoe and I’m glad you managed to find my site. I have an unusual hobby of raising chickens as pets.This hobby is getting more and more popular, but most people still think of it as “strange”. I first got introduced to chickens back in 1995, when I was 9 years old. My dad and I got our first batch of eggs, and we incubated them in our basement.
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Chickens are Cute Little Carnivores.

The news team stopped a chicken for an interview and asked why he was crossing the road.  "Well it was raining on the other side."

The interviewer said, "Wait a minute.  The last rain we had here was a week ago.  What has taken you so long?"

The old rooster clucked his head to one side and said:  "I waited for the first day your weatherman was not predicting more rain.

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