By Lin Stone

Horses have cast a long shadow across man's affairs.  Horses have got us there when there was no other way to get.  If man wasn't riding horses he was dreaming of horses, from prehistoric France to civilized replicas in prehistoric China.

The Natural Way To Train Your Horse.  A herd of wild horses is like a nomadic community. One Mare will be the Mayor of that town. Horses usually eat throughout the day, groom each other, play and sleep. The kind of play they indulge in is to challenge each other in a game kind of like “Who's the King of This Mountain” to establish their unique position in the herd. As you study the behavior of the herd, and then the horses in the herd, you will want to be incorporating the knowledge you gain into your own horse training program. Since each horse you will meet is unique, you will need to devise a training program suited to its ability or personality.

More About Horses

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