How To Print 
Your Pictures 
On Almost Anything

Copyright 2004
by Lin Stone

Before you rush into this project, REMEMBER:  
All printing is done from the negative and not from the photo.  

Did you know you can print a picture, photo or snapshot on almost anything from a negative?  For example, you can print a picture of your home onto a slab of wood, a piece of river rock, a sheet of glass, a plastic bag, Print the top of a CD, or even print a picture on your shirt pocket.  

Let's Jump Right IN. 

The first thing to do is prepare two simple solutions as follows. 

Into 6 fluid ounces of distilled water you will dissolve 1/4 ounce of Silver Nitrate, 1/4 ounce of Ferric Ammonium Citrate, and 1/4 ounce of Citric Acid. 
Stir the mixture slowly until everything is dissolved and then pour the contents into a dark bottle and store it there until it is ready to use.  If you have a dark room to keep it in, so much the better.

Dissolve 1/4 ounce Sodium Thiosulphate in 10 ounces of water and bottle this too until ready to use it.

Please Note: You should be able to purchase all these ingredients 
at any good wholesale drug company or photographic supply house.

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Step One, 

Place the picture exactly where you want it, then mark around it with chalk or something that will easily wash out. 

Step Two, 

Now take a piece of cotton, saturate it in Solution No-1. Then spread the solution evenly over the spot where the picture is to be printed. 
Please Note: If you are printing on cloth, it will be a good idea to stretch the cloth over a piece of glass and hold it in place with spring type clothespins.

Step Three, 

Now take a piece of heavy wrapping paper and make a frame for the picture, cutting a hole just the size you want the picture to be. Place this frame over the negative and hold it all down tight with another piece of glass. If you can clamp the two pieces of glass together with clothespins, so much the better.

Step Four, 

When you have it all prepared and held firmly together, expose it to bright sunlight for several minutes, then remove the glass, the frame and the negative. 

Step Five, 

Apply Solution No. 2 to the printed area, and soak it good for about one minute. This application of the second solution "fixes" the picture and prevents it from fading out later when exposed To light. 

Step Six, 

Rinse the surface in clean water and allow it to dry thoroughly.

The trick is to not get impatient, and to follow directions implicitly. Once you have become proficient in applying these simple directions you will have no trouble in producing some of the most remarkable results your friends have ever seen.  Let your imagination run riot and you will soon be preparing many unusual items for gifts, stores, flea markets, etc..    

There are several ways to make negatives.  

  1. You can use a projector to project the picture onto your printing area.  Stand your printing area upright and perpendicular to your projector and center the image exactly where you want it to appear.

  2. You can print your picture onto an overhead transfer using your copier, and sometimes even your printer at home.  If you have access to a computer "art" program you can change your pictures, adding to and taking therefrom as your genius may command, before you print your picture.  You can also set up a MASTER, and personalize each picture as you go along.

  3. If you have a computer and a printer you can PRINT YOUR IMAGE ON A HEAT TRANSFER SHEET and print it on a lot of things.  If you want to go professional later you can use professional inks for this purpose.

  4. Digital camera users should remember that negatives CAN be made from your files; just take your best ones to just about any modern photo shop, and ask.  If you do this at a self-service shop, be sure to get full and complete directions from the staff before using their machines.  The first time I didn't ask, my camera's little disk dropped down into a hole and ruined their computer.

  5. Click HERE for some really professional photography tips.

No advice on this site should be used
without first contacting another professional in that field. 


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