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So many books.  So little time.  Now you can Learn to do all your reading 80% faster.   And best of all It's FREE.  This very popular title is just a sample of the many other books available here.

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The Magic Learning System lets you choose ... languages, geography, sports statistics, trivia, math concepts and strategies, history, art, literature, vocabulary, birthdays and anniversaries, talks, jokes and stories ... wherever your imagination leads.

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A 10th grader, after learning the chemical symbols for half the periodic table in less than 15 minutes commented, "I FEEL LIKE I'M CHEATING."

An 8th grader used MasterMind to help him win first place in State MathCounts Competition -- and a free trip to Washington D.C.

An adult learned tourist JAPANESE in less than 15 hours.

A university student was afraid she was failing Art History. Two weeks before the end of the quarter a friend showed her MasterMind; and for two weeks she spent 20 minutes a day with the system -- Results? she aced the final!

Do you want to: Improve your vocabulary
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