Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could slip back in time and change those bad habits you made with such ease that you didn't even know that you were creating chains of slavery that would hold you bound for the rest of your life?

Today I have an amazing offer that will let you reach out and grab EIGHT high quality, life-changing hypnosis tracks that can help you guide and direct the neural pathways governing your subconscious mind; That's where bad habits are made -- and lost.  

"Grab ALL Eight Of These
Light Hypnosis Tracks!"

Each tape will carry you to this plateau of a very light state of hypnosis, leaving you free to enjoy that heightened state of awareness for as long as you like.  From there you can guide your thoughts directly to that area where you wish for them to go. 

You will be in full control of your journey, every inch of the way.  These soothing, healing, wellness and recovery tapes can help you eliminate those bad habits you made years ago, and replace them with the good habits you should have formed to start with, back when your mind was still young and limber.

That's right.  It is not too late to make the important changes in your life that you wish you had made years ago.  Through the miracle of light hypnosis, these broad subjects of relief can be yours, almost as fast as flipping a switch.

The rise and fall of this soothing plateau carries you to a very light state of hypnosis, leaving you free to enjoy that heightened state of awareness for as long as you like, and always able to guide your thoughts directly to that area where you wish for them to go for recovery and wellness.  You will be in full control of your journey, every inch of the way. 

You are always the guide;
you are always the boss

Best of all, with just a little bit of practice you can shift your mental gears and change any of these eight subjects that you might begin with.  You will be able to pass over into those areas of the mind that are even more important to you than these original eight.


This is probably your most expensive habit!
This tape can bump your will to quit into high gear.

With this tape you will also receive a free book
That will Help you Lay your cigarettes down;
Show them who the boss is of your mind and body.


Don't let depression rob you
of the most precious moments of your life!

Learn How To Relax

And HEY!  Looky Here!
If you are battling depression now
Chances Are that you are also experiencing RAGES!

Impotence and Fury
often go hand-in-hand

Included with this tape will be a free book,
that helps give you RAGE RELIEF!

You may not need this package yourself
but there may be a friend in your circle
that needs it, DESPERATELY! Help a Friend Out!


Set your goals and ride the wave
to a bright future where dreams come true!

With this tape you will also receive
the book titled Career Climber

"Discover How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives
Through Proper Career Development!"


Drop those unwanted pounds, FAST!


Don't ever again be the one left hanging on the wall of rejection.  Build your confidence gradually to a fever pitch of irresistible mastery.  With this tape you will also receive the book titled LEADER LEGEND.  Inside this book you will discover how to  "Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Better Leader And Change The Behavior Thatís Holding You Back! This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Ways To Be A Legendary Leader!"


Learning CAN come easy for you.
With the right kind of guidance
You Can Be The Boss Of ANY Subject!


And Best of All, Perhaps --


This one tape can put you ON TARGET
to the most important part of your business.

With this tape you will also receive a free book guiding you to Maximum Impact Email Marketing.  Staying competitive is very important in any business environment and this is more so relevant when applied to the world of internet marketing. Using the email marketing tool is a good start in the right direction. This style of direct marketing a message is both quick and effective when comparisons are made with other available platforms.

Reaching the target audience with email marketing strategies will provide several positive and beneficial liaisons. Some of these include enhancing the relationships of the merchant and customer pools, encouraging the customer loyalty and thereby effectively ensuring repeat business.

And the worst part? The longer you struggle with this issue, the harder it is to CHANGE!

I know this whole package is so big it is hard to wrap your mind around it.  So take a step back and read over the best parts again.  The promises are there and they will be filled. 

You will receive this entire package of 8, POWERFUL, MAGNETIC MIND SUPPORT, HYPNOTIC, SOOTHING, ALMOST-A-TRANCE STATE AUDIO TRACKS -- along with all the books mentioned --


That's Right! Less than $2 per tape, and the books are thrown in for free -- and because these are electronic recordings you can use your tapes over and over again for the rest of your life.  The taut, crisp, high-performance quality you hear first -- will never dim with age.  That's another promise you want to read over twice, isn't it.

Well, I have been in business since 1964 and everything I offer is backed up with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee that is 60 days long.

Try everything for 60 days, free.
If you aren't happy
100% of your purchase price will be refunded

Cheerfully, Quickly
and without fuss or bother.

Now, just for your information
This sale goes through ClickBank
ClickBank ALSO Guarantees
Your Complete Satisfaction.

Either Way  there  is
No fuss, no muss
No need to cuss

I prefer to have my customers ask ME for a refund so I can give them a going away present as well as a 100% refund of their entire purchase price. 

But, if you're a timid shopper, or if you are real angry, just tell ClickBank you want a refund.  They will rake me over the coals a bit first, but YOU will get your money back.

Sincerely yours

Lin Stone    

P.S. Hey, call me on this promise.  Prove me now herewith to see if my promise isn't as good as gold.

P.P.S. The question comes up occasionally, will these tapes play on an mp3 player. And the answer is YES! Save all of them to your disk, and play away.

No advice on this site should be used
without first contacting another professional in that field. 


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