The Self-Contained Fireplace 

Produced by Lin Stone

"The weather outside is frightful, 
But, inside it's so delightful.

So, as long as we've no place to go, 
Let it snow, 
let it snow, 
let it snow." 

The one thing that makes bad weather such a wonderful experience is having a fireplace inside to keep you warm, dry and cozy as you look outside! 

You don't have a fireplace? 
You live where a fireplace is so far out of the question 
you might as well live on the 70th floor? 

Well, how would you like to put a real fireplace in your bathroom or bedroom and create your dream environment -- any time you want? 

Real Flame Fireplaces can give your home that nice cozy glow in a matter of days for under $500! 

It gets much better than that.  The Real Flame Fireplace assembles in under an hour, and does not require a chimney, 
uses no electricity -- 
does not require a gas line hook up, 

And, thanks to a patented unique isopropyl alcohol gel, it provides all the glow of a real fireplace without any of the fuss and muss associated with the old wood-burning fireplaces you might remember from yesteryear. 

The David Letterman Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show have been warmed by the glow and crackle of a Real Flame Fireplace

Soon, The Christopher Lowell Show will feature Real Flame on several home design projects, and Real Flame has been named the official fireplace of the Hard Rock Live! Show filmed at the Hard Rock in Orlando, Florida. 

There are a variety of fireplace styles for walls or corners, ranging in price from $300 to $1,000 (but most of them are indeed priced under $500). Additionally, you can select from a variety of wood tones, decorative features and accompanying accessories. 

Real Flame Fireplaces and gels have been tested by a number of independent research laboratories and found to be perfectly safe. The air quality of the product in a room consistently registers within the standards established of both OSHA and the EPA. 

The Real Flame Fireplace uses one pint (13oz.) size cans of a special gel which includes special ingredients to enhance the flame and provide a soothing, realistic sounding crackle. 

The cans of gel generate up to 3000 BTUs of heat and since there is no chimney for heat to escape, the room stays 100 percent efficient. 

But let's get this straight before you go rushing off; the Real Flame Fireplace is designed to be a decorative device, not as an economical source of robust heat. 

Each can lasts approximately three hours, which is plenty of time to enjoy that nice, cozy glow! Even though the cost of a can of fuel is less than $1.00 per hour, most people burn 2-3 cans over a romantic weekend. 

Real Flame Fireplaces can be found at -- or if you happen to prefer the vibrant timbre of a real human voice, call 1 800 654-1704.

Real Flame Fireplaces have been sold in select catalogs for nearly 20 years. They are manufactured by The Jensen Company of Racine, Wisconsin, which has been in business for over 75 years. 

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