The Death List
Copyright © 2001 by Tom McClanahan

What is Man that Thou art mindful of Him?  

Until just recently there was only one way to get into this world.  

But look how many ways there are of leaving it.

being abducted by aliensOld Agedisease
sudden illnessHeart Attackstroke
car accidentplane crashtrain wreck
murderwaract of God
Drowningindustrial accidentchemical spills
terrorist activitieslightningsuicide
farm accidentspoisondrugs
fallingstarvationNatural Causes
fearenvironmental impactsallergies
broken heartlaughing too hardspouting off to your spouse
facing up to bulliesrunning from bulliesbeing a bully

No wonder life insurance is selling so well.  
No wonder a man's religion is so important.

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