By Lin Stone

ClickBank is the top financial resource on the web of small vendors (SELLERS, but watch for the word VENDOR on ClickBank).  Just click, add your card information, and INSTANTLY your money is transferred out of your pocket into the vendor's.  Said vendor then releases access to the product you purchased and everyone is happy.

Is that the way it goes?

Well, no, not always.  Sometimes the vendor has over-promised (HYPE) or confused you with a sales letter that is providing information that covers 2 - 3 - or sometimes even 4 - 5 services you will only receive after further, massive, cash infusions.

And, anymore you must also be careful that you haven't just signed up to pay that small sum you agreed to, EACH MONTH for the rest of your life.

SO, how do you get your money refunded?

First you try to ask the vendor (remember, that's the seller) for a refund.  TRY is the right word sometimes.  There are thousands of vendors and each one of them has the right and obligation to build their web site different from anyone else.  IF you suffer through hours and days of frustration trying to get a refund it's time to deal with ClickBank directly.  THEY KNOW HOW TO GET THE SELLER'S ATTENTION because black marks on the seller's record depresses that company's reputation with ClickBank.

To reach ClickBank you go to  -- But -- in your frustrated mood -- you might meander for hours through this huge web site, so I suggest you save yourself some more grief by going directly to: 

You won't find any links to asking for a REFUND there -- but, way down at the bottom of that page you will see the very dim, very gray words CONTACT US!

That IS a link.  Click on that link and you will come to a second page that looks like this. 

Now you are looking under CUSTOMER QUESTIONS for the words PURCHASE Questions.  Click THERE.

You are now in an area where you can identify your purchase, prove you made it, and REDOWNLOAD your purchase.  Does it look like you have hit a blank wall?  Courage, the end is in sight.

Look for the emblem below.

Yes, you are finally there!

Just fill in the blanks to CREATE A TICKET, and

within 2 - 3 days

you will have all that money back in your pocket.

Mission accomplished. 

Have you learned your lesson yet?


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without first contacting another professional in that field. 


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