Old Secret Formulas

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These old secret formulas are older than I am but if you have an old problem that's been lying around for a coon's age, try these out.

Yes, you may get a laugh out of some of these, and there are quite a few that will actually give you pause for thought.  Just to make the game interesting I'm using my Reverse Answer worksheet to keep the answers hidden from you.

1. What free’ ingredient can you add to cheap gasoline to make it anti-knock.


2. What plant keeps mosquitoes from bothering you? Where do you get seed?

3. A low cost non-rust anti-freeze that is safe at 60 below zero Fah.
4. Remove coffee & tea stains from silk & wool with this common material.
5. An excellent tooth powder. Make from three common ingredients.
6. How to break a dog from chasing cars.

7. How to remove water marks from polished table tops. Pack & sell for $$!
8. How G-men develop fingerprints. You can easily do the same.

9. A highly effective yet inexpensive way to burn out carbon in a motor.


10. How to remove rust stains from fabrics, etc. 2 highly-effective formulas.


11. How to remove chewing gum from rugs, clothing, auto seats, etc.

12. Fresh flowers may be preserved indefinitely if dipped in what?
13. A wonderful cleaning cloth is made by soaking in what solution?
14. Keep grass from growing near walks where lawn mower can’t be used.
15. How to make steel and iron tools rust-proof. Two formulas.
16. How to nickel-plate metal without electricity.
17. How to make a good mimeograph ink for about 30 cents a pound.

18. Liquid fire - red, green, yellow, etc. - what to mix.



19. Candles burn twice as long after simple treatment - how?
20. Camp stove that you can carry in your pocket. Easily and cheaply

1. A little spray of water carburreted into the intake manifold of an internal combustion engine will dampen the ping nearly as well as tetra-ethyl lead (ethyl).
2. The castor bean plant. Seeds available from any nursery. Plant in pots within the house: replant outdoors. Decorative and they grow like weeds!
3. Old motor oil thinned with Kerosene.
4. Glycerine or Ethylene Glycol (Prestone) OR Diethylene Glycol.
5. Equal parts table salt, borax and baking soda. Ask your dentist.
6. Attach a stick to the dog’s collar to strike at his knees when he runs.
7. Dissolve paraffin shavings in olive or cooking oil. Rub one way only.
8. Place a small wad of cotton, saturated with tincture of iodine in a glass tube, blow against suspected fingerprints and they will appear.

9. Disconnect windshield wiper tube from intake manifold. Substitute another tube leading to a container of hydrogen peroxide. Allow this to be drawn into idling motor. Excess oxygen will burn out the carbon deposits.
10. Equal parts of double nickel salts and salammonaic dissolved in water.
Heat to near boiling and immerse the metal to be nickeled, with a scrap of aluminum or aluminum foil touching it. Rinse well in clear water.
11. Turpentine is most effective. Next, benzine or other hydrofluoric acid.  RINSE!  Peanut butter works great too.
12. Collodion, thinned with ether or keep stems in vase of powdered silica gel.
13. Ounce of oxalic acid in gallon of water. Wring and dry the cloths.
14. Saturate the strip with used motor oil. NOT new oil!
15. Boil in a solution of ferric phosphate or (better) benzoate of soda.
16. Equal parts of double nickel salts and sal ammonaic dissolved in water.
17. Thin common printer’s ink with kerosene, to desired consistency.
18. Methanol (denatured alcohol) costs less than 65cents a gallon. To make a dip or spray for fireplace logs, add about 1/4 teaspoonful strontium nitrate for RED fire; barium nitrate for brilliant GREEN flames; common table salt
for YELLOW; copper sulfate (blue vitriol) for BLUE flames; copper sulfide for PURPLE flames.
19. Dip candles in liquid shellac. The candle wax will burn, not drip.
20. Fill a can with sand, which saturate with gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, etc.

21. Mosquitos won’t bite if you use this lotion. Two formulas.

22. Appendicitis attack. A supremely effective first-aid treatment.
23. A common substance added to any ink makes it water repellent.
24. A few drops of (?) will deodorize gasoline for cleaning purposes.
25. A drinker will dislike the taste of alcohol, often for life, if a little (?) is
added to a bottle of his whiskey or other liquor.
26. How to have a green lawn all winter.
27. Stagnant water made safe to drink in an emergency by adding (?).
28. Effective beauty clay may be made from 2 ingredients. Two formulas.

29. A dentist’s treatment for pyorrhea. Get it at your grocers.
30. What simple drugstore chemical makes glass sparkle after cleaning?
31. Keep fleas off dogs and cats by adding (?) to their diets.
32. Pour in a little common (?) to open most sinks and drains.
33. Fruits and flowers often grow much larger when (?) is added to the soil.
34. To make fabrics and labels adhere to metal - use (?).
35. Easily-made transparent paint for glass - any color.
36. Remove mildew from fabrics, leather, etc., with what common substance.
37. Warts removed with what water-soluble solutions? Three formulas.
38. Cream and canned milk whip better if a few drips of (?) are added.
39. Two fluids, mixed, make a better dry cleaner than either one used alone.
40. Two simple cheap ingredients make a fly-spray equal to the very best.

21. 4 parts glycerine, 4 parts alcohol, 1 part eucalyptus oil. OR make a solution of equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and methyl phthalate.
22. NEVER give a laxative. Assist victim to stand on head until doctor comes.
23. Add to ink a bit of common glue and allow to dissolve completely.
24. Add about 20 drops of sassafras oil to a gallon of gasoline or solvent.
25. A few drops of tincture of ipecac (a word which is sometimes known as
ipecacuanha). Consult your pharmacist.

26. In the autumn, scatter Italian rye (or equivalent) grass on the lawn.
27. To a quart of water add about 10 drops tincture of iodine. Let stand.
28. 5 tap Fullers’ Earth & 3 tsp. lemon juice OR bentonite (clay) & water.
29. Chlorine laundry bleach, daily applied with toothpick & cotton swab.
30. Carbon tetrachloride, retailed in drug stores as Carbona.
31. A little sage. Obtainable in any grocery store in seasonings department.
32. Pour in a little kerosene. Let stand overnight. Results are not immediate.
33. A little iron sulfate (green copperas) in watering fluid. Infrequently.
34. Add a little glycerine or Prestone to the glue or moistening water.
35. Mix water colors with sodium silicate solution (water glass).
36. Any chlorine bleach; dilute sodium hyposulfite, CLOROX,’ ‘ PUREX,’ etc.
37. Use pure Vitamin E.  OR dilute nitric acid; OR salicylic acid (in oil), apply with toothpick.
38. Pure glycerine OR polyethylene glycol.
NOT mono or diotthylene glycols!
39. Carbon tetrachloride 3 parts; cloaners naptha 2 parts.  INFLAMMABLE.
40. Pyrethrum, dissolved in kerosene. Used in practically all fly-sprays.

41. Rust remover for articles made of iron. Three formulas.

42. Kerosene may be deodorized by adding what?
43. How to soften hard-dried paint brushes or remove paint from glass.


44. How to remove a lodged bullet from a gun without injury to the rifle.
45. How to oil a flag pole or clothes-line pulley without taking it down.
46. How to sober a drunk person in a few minutes.
47. How to make a small hole thru glass without using a drill.

48. One cheap grocery store material plus water removes calluses from
49. Auto radiator leaks, etc., can often be sealed with (?) cheap material.
50. Snow-white, long-lasting waterproof stucco paint easily & cheaply made.


51. Make glue waterproof by adding just a trace of (?).
52. This common substance prevents pain and swelling of bee or wasp stings.
53. How to kill ants in their holes. Inexpensive and not poisonous.

54. Luminous ink glows in the dark. Two simple ingredients.

55. How to treat paint, varnish, so insects will avoid the surfaces.
56. Spectacles, windshields, etc., will not fog if cleaned with a solution (?).

57. How to make a cheap ink that will write on glass or bright metal.

58. How to remove iodine stains.
59. Cast iron may be soldered readily if first coated with (?).
60. Keep flies off cattle with a solution made with what common weed (?).

41. Soak overnight in a saturated solution of tim chloride or in a 10% solution of citric acid or di-ammonium citrate or hydrofluoric acid.
42. About 1% amyl acetate (frequently known as Banana Oil).
43. Soak overnight in vinegar or amyl acetate or (better) in a paste made of 1 part of oleic acid dissolved in 6 parts of kerosene; and to which later add 4 parts of common household ammonia.

44. Pour some mercury into barrel of the gun. It will dissolve the bullet.
45. Tie an oil-soaked rag or sponge to the rope. Draw it thru pulley.
46. A glass of water containing 30 drops of aromatic spirits of ammonia.
47. Press on glass a small lump of putty or clay; press a hole in the putty the size of hole wanted. Pour molten solder in hole to melt hole in glass.

48. Soak feet in warm water and soda ash (sodium carbonate) solution. Rinse.

49. A little water glass (sodium silicate solution) in the water.
50. Put 15 gallons of water in a 30 gallons (or larger) open-top barrel. Slowly add unslaked lime until it boils. Slowly stir in hydrated lime, to bring the total mass (which is now paint) to a volume of 20 to 30 gallons. This is a good product - and cheap.
51. Add about 1/8 teaspoonful potassium bichromatic to a pint of glue.
52. Kerosene, that’s all!

53. Pour any volatile hydrocarbon into the ant hills. Carbon disulfide is best; but even gasoline may be used. The treatment is made effective by COVERING the ant hills with plastic bags or sheet or wet clay, etc.
54. 1/2 ounce oil of cinnamon; 1/8 ounce phosphorus. Cork tightly and heat in
double boiler until melted. The material is INFLAMMABLE!
55. Add 1/2 teaspoonful citronella oil to each gallon of paint or varnish.
56. Laundry soap shavings, boiled in water with some glycerine added.
57. 5 parts India ink to 1 part of water glass (sodium silicate solution).
58. One part sodium hyposulphite (hypo) in two parts water.
59. A water solution of copper sulfate (blue chloride).
60. Boil catnip in water 20 minutes; strain and spray on cattle, horses.

61. How to solder glass to glass. Formula.
62. How to make white-wash solution more durable.
63. What to use to fill cracks in wooden flooring.

64. How to temper steel tools to a hard cutting edge.
65. Potted plants will grow more vigorously if (?) is added to the soil.

66. How to remove oil stains from floors.

67. How to remove Shine or gloss from clothing.

68. Where to get a free book listing all magazines and newspapers with
their advertising rates and circulations.
69. A chemical spray dandelion eradicator - harmless to grass.
70. A cheap non-poisonous mice repellent.
71. Invisible secret ink. Write between lines; turns brown when heated.

72. Penetrating oil, like Liquid Wrench, frees rusted screws and bolts.
73. Brushless Shaving Cream, Excellent ? Two ingredients plus water.

74. Piney room-deodorant spray or Air wick. Ounce, plus water, makes pint.

75. Dip ordinary paper in (?) cheap liquid, to make Glassine paper.

76. Just one very cheap grocery store material, taken at bedtime after a
heavy drinking bout, greatly lessens or completely avoids hangover.






77. Prostate gland sufferers can often avoid getting up at night by taking this simple non-prescription grocery store material at bedtime. Approved by M.D.. and completely harmless EXCEPT (possibly) to heart patients.
78. Plastic tooth-cavity filler. Temporary, of course - but often lasts months, or until the user has time to visit his dentist. Sell $$$!

61. 95 parts tin and 5 parts zinc melted together makes this solder.
62. Add about 20% common salt (sodium chloride).
63. Make a paste tim and 5 parts zinc melted together makes this solder.
64. Heat to cherry red. Force into bar of soap then plunge into cold water.
65. Mix 1 part potassium nitrate, 1 part sugar, 2 parts ammonium sulfate. Add to the water used in watering potted plants for vigorous growth.
66. Nothing is more effective than tri-sodium phosphate (TSP).
67. Press the fabric on the wrong side, using a cloth wrung out of witch-hazel extract instead of water as a pressing cloth.

68. Baker Advertising Agency, 189 West Madison Avenue, Chicago 2, Illinois.

69. One pound iron (ferrous) sulfate to gallon of water sprays 400 square feet.
70. Scatter mint leaves around articles to be protected from mice.
71. One ounce of ammonium chloride to a pint of water; 2 drops detergent.
72. Methylene chloride 1 part, light mineral oil 1 part , kerosene 3 parts.
73. Light mineral oil (cosmetic grade) 10 pounds. Melt with 10 pound glycesterin.

74. Pine needle oil 1 ounce; Isopropyl alcohol about a pint. Mix an ounce of this with a pint of water to make a very good spray-deodorant.
75. Gum copal 10 parts, Methanol 30 parts, castor oil 1 part. Let stand over night in covered vessel; then stir. Apply to paper to make glassine.
76. Doctors of Medicine generally agree that hangover from excessive drinking is due to loss of water in the system. Common table salt will usually make the body retain rather than void water. One to two teaspoonfuls at bedtime will do much to avoid hangover and/or getting up at night. CAUTION: Heart patients, consult your doctor and 2) do NOT dissolve the salt in water: just put it in your mouth and immediately gulp down a glass of plain water to wash it down -- otherwise the salt could induce nausea.



77. See #76 (directly above).


78. One part powdered amber, two parts Mastic gum. Make paste with ether.

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