How to
Promise the Moon

You Can

Deliver    the Stars

Written for us by Lin Stone

Entire Contents Copyright 2020 by Seastonebooks
All rights to original works are reserved to the creators

In my experience lately, there is the running policy to make you believe you are about to buy something absolutely wonderful at a price your grandchildren will swoon over! Then you pay that low price and BAM! The first thing you  learn is that you must fork over another 3X that amount just in order to receive what you had thought you were buying. I spent an extra $97 last month in order to obtain what I thought I had bought. The company failed to deliver.
How do they get away with these practices?

Most people don't ask for a refund.

Most people, that includes me.
But $109 for less than fantastic?
I asked for a refund of ALL of my expenditures.
Lo and behold, only the initial $9.97 had a guarantee.
The extra $97 was NOT guaranteed!
I had bought the moon, and received a one ounce packet of Sand From Sahara.

On the other hand, It has been my experience that those who are able to deliver the stars are not able to promise the moon with any degree of effectiveness.  It is for these hardy souls with talents far beyond my own that this book is produced.


Edgar Allan Poe introduced the idea of sprinkling salty words onto a paper and publishing what stuck as a diatribe.  Actually, it isn't such a bad idea.  Computer games now make the idea a reality and produce great guffaws of amusement when played.  

Here are some special promise words you can sprinkle into your sales copy to help that new prospect to get a signature on the dotted line."

These are the promises and headlines that have hooked me on the green cheese in the recent past.  If they worked on me they are bound to work on 7% of the prospects you find on the web.  Just sprinkle them into your sales copy and send them out.

Mix them up, use them over.
You will never run out of golden words again!

Please Note: 
You can use these words and phrases
to promise them the moon only
as long as you deliver the stars.

Otherwise, they will hang you!

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A word of caution
Use these words sparingly
lest they wear out on you
and it's back to the old salt box

No advice on this site should be used
without first contacting a professional in that field.  


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