This is my most popular directory.  So, what does the "X" stand for?  It stands for "unknown" -- and the unknown part of the equation is I don't know what these subjects are doing here in the first place.  However vague it may be, the other directories do have a unifying principle that at least gives an excuse for the files hanging together. 

But, what possible connection can exist between corn-burning stoves and a new recipe for old-fashioned yogurt?  Between finding out what carrier is functioning as your long distance server and how to groom your horse?   So, what we have here in the X-Files directory are the subjects which don't fit anywhere else -- and are too good to throw away.  Thanks for coming.

Here's an interesting experience.. Have you ever wanted to experience first hand what it feels like to be discriminated against for being disabled?  It's easy.  Just dress up in some old clothes, get a walker and go into any store, but especially an electronics store.  I went into Circuit City and there were 9 barriers where I had to pick up my walker and go across.  Getting waited on was out of the question until my (able-bodied) wife joined me.  Best Buy only had 7 barriers to negotiate, but getting waited on was almost out of the question.  There were two free clerks and they flipped a coin to see who had to take me.  The loser left me in the lurch less than three minutes after greeting me.  What about good old Wally World?  There were only three barriers to negotiate, but one of them was twenty five feet across.  Once inside the clerks did offer to be of assistance.  Sam would have been proud..

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