Freedom isn't always supportive of patriotism,
but it should be.  

Government should be responsible for providing all the freedom its people can endure without provoking chaos. 

Citizens are responsible for obeying and sustaining the law -- and where possible, assisting in the process of establishing just laws,

Or at least electing righteous politicians who will establish just laws.

Freedom is not easy to describe.

Freedom is not easy to achieve.

Freedom is not easy to maintain.

Countless other nations have achieved freedom for a short time, and dissolved into dictatorships, or worse. 

All the more reason then to publish essays on freedom in this section.

Hand Picked Essays

The Flag:  There is a wonder in the wind this morning.  It is twisted with age, lined with rust and stained with aged scorn; the flap of an old flag never flown before.   It raps the wind, its spirit newborn.

No More Moving Aside.  Speeders be damned.

My first eagle.  I shall never forget the thrill of seeing him sweep by in front of my own two eyes.

Walking: Thoreau expounded on the loss of many of our freedoms. He was an early advocate for freedom, including freedom from public censure.

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