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Tnere Are 3 Good Reasons You Should Write an Ebook

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Maybe you even said it out loud: "I could write a book about that!" 

Yeah, maybe you could have, but then, this little voice came bouncing through your head. Over and over it said, "You couldn't even fill up ten pages before you ran out of things to say!" 

Yeah, it was probably right, back then. But you don't have to listen to that voice. You can shove it aside, lock it up, even throw it out the window (or through it). And whose voice is that anyway? It sounds awfully familiar, a parent, a relative, a 'friend' from way back there when you were too little to defend yourself! It is time to smash that little voice into submission to make you the boss and it the tiny little helpless victim! Yeah, throw that voice out the window and if you want to, write that Book!

On my Roku television station for parents, Family Circle TV I point out that writing is much easier now than it used to be. Back then a short book was 40,000 words long. Today 20,000 words might be a long book. That's more than half your work eliminated before you even start.

Now, let me show you 3 good reasons why you should write a book. You don't mind, do you? It won't take long.

#1 An eBook is an Excellent Incentive to Bring New Subscribers Onboard
If your email list has stopped growing or is growing so slow you think it’s stopped, you can add new subscribers every week with the right marketing tactic. The problem is today many visitors are hesitant to give out their email addresses, even when they like what your site has to offer. That means you might have to give them a little incentive. An eBook that is packed with valuable content is the perfect incentive. If you provide your visitors with the option of getting valuable information for free that your visitors would be happy to pay for, you will see significant improvements in your subscribers. 

#2 Write a Premium e-Book and Makes Money From Your Blog
Blogging can pay but it’s not always fast. It’s pretty common for a blogger to wait a year to get a check from AdSense that’s little more than a couple of hundred dollars and that’s after posting a new blog every day. The reason this happens is that you actually need a huge blog to make any decent money from advertising. 

The solution can be to write an e-Book and sell it from your blog. You can see your revenues increase significantly. So if you are tired of earning small amounts of AdSense money from ads, it’s time to consider this as another option that’s a lot more fun.

#3 Be an Expert in Your Field by Writing an Authoritative e-Book 
If you want to make a name for yourself in your area of expertise, an e-book is an excellent way to gain authority and show the world you have expertise in your field. Publish on Amazon and you can be published with some of the most reputable names in your field. Often new authors get more rewards than some of the biggest names in the industry. 

There you have it – three good reasons why you should write an eBook. If your goal is to make money online, then writing an e-Book is a good place to start. It can open many doors for you and many revenue opportunities

Now take a look over there to your left for more value-packed help available right now. It's free! I'm just trying to help you do what you already want to do, right? 

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