Save Water 
Copyright 2002
by LeDonna Willis

According to the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the average amount of water used in the US is 78 gallons per day, per person. Not only does heavy water use tax your water bill, but it also affects your community's water supply system.

Water conservation is all the rage, especially in places such as Georgia where we are at a deficit of -16. Here are several ways we can all conserve water -- and save money at the same time.

1. Turning the water off while brushing your teeth and shaving is a good habit to get into. You can save as much as 100 gallons per month.

2. At least 20 gallons of water are wasted on leaky faucets and toilets. Fix those leaks immediately. Most of the time simply changing a washer will do the trick for a leaky faucet and adjusting the float arm or blunder ball will fix a leaky toilet.

3. A four minute shower uses about 8 gallons of water compared to a bath that takes as much as 60 gallons of water.

4. Using low-flow water saving devises can reduce your water usage as much as 50 percent.

5. When watering your lawn do so heavily especially at the root the bases of trees and shrubs. By watering heavily and less frequently, your lawn will be more equipped to withstand dry weather conditions.

6. Using a trickle (a tube with a multitude of tiny holes [used for closely spaced plants]) or drip (used for watering crops) irrigating system to water your garden will conserve as much as 50 percent.

7. Use a pail to wash your car instead of a hose. Fill the pail up with warm soapy water and clean with a sponge. Then just use the hose to rinse.

8. Covering your swimming pool with keep the sun from evaporating the water in your pool. Also clean the pool filter frequently to minimize the number of times the water needs to be replaced.

9. Use mulch (lawn clippings, chopped bark and/or plastic) around your trees, shrubs and flower beds to retain moisture so less watering is needed. Another good idea is to use the water from your roof's down spout.


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