Chickens Are 
Cute Little Carnivores

Copyright © 2012 CE. by Lin Stone

Every year, in the week of Good Friday.  Baby chicks, still wet and fresh from the egg, are sprayed with food coloring in various colors.  Then they are delivered to Joyce at her feed, seed and fertilizer store on . 

Some are red, some are green
and all of them are fuzzy, wuzzy cute.

People just reach into the box and pluck out a chick with the color they want.

"The food coloring doesn't hurt them a bit," says Joyce. The colors wear off gradually over a period of three or four weeks, fascinating one and all with their splendorous colors.  

THEN, they look like THIS by the time they're grown!

One of her granddaughters has kept a rooster for three years now.  She says he's just about ready to decorate the family crock pot.

One reason baby chicks are so fascinating
 is that they are so obviously, 

but you don't need to put salt on their tails to catch them. 

Within two weeks of hatching, these little birds can take flights of a foot or more.  Grown chickens in good practice and strong health can actually soar to heights of twelve feet when driven by panic, and they are not terrified of gliding down from housetops or tall tree limbs.  Yet, give them any other opportunity of escape and these little birds will run for it; flight is their last resort even when a coyote comes to dinner.

Baby chicks don't need a mother to fend for them; though they obviously fare better when a loving mother is there.  

These cute, cuddly little birds go "Cheep, Cheep, Cheep" all day long.  They are easily caught and fit right into a child's small hand for closer scrutiny.  Line that tender palm with millet and crunched corn and the little chick can keep the child fascinated for weeks on end.

It is easy to make a pet of a baby chick.  With any encouragement at all, the little bird will follow a child -- indoors, and out.  It will climb up into the child's lap, peer earnestly into the face, and express eternal friendship in fifty different ways.  Chickens love to be stroked and petted, responding in songs more pleasing to the human ear than a cat's perfectly boring purr. 


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