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Treasure Island  Now how in the world can anyone say enough good things about Treasure Island?

Grab a Hare by the Head 

SnowFlake and the seven little dwarfs

HEIDI, a special from the gift edition.

The Conquest of Mexico, by Lew Wallace, Chapter 1 When we have 100 readers of this chapter I shall embroider Chapter 2. Consequently, if you like Chapter 1, be sure to tell your friends how to find it. Yes, you can send copies of Chapter 1 around to your friends and family, but I can only recognize the readers who come here to read.

Look at all the NEW books coming out now, or soon. This book continues to change as more new books are added, often 2 ans 3 times per week, with the newer books coming out on top.

CountryEssays also maintains a BookTrailer (video) Site where you can see what the publishers think are great books.  Note to parents, Check first for younger children.

Jack and Jill (went up the hill) 
The complete book by Louisa May Alcott

Alice In Wunderland, by Lewis Carroll and Lin Stone, a sleightly different version than you might have read previously. 

The Wizard of OZ 

The Wonder of Strawberries 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 

Tears of the Unicorn 

Shadows of Victory  a 19,000 word novella of thoughtful fiction by Lester del Rey


How much is victory worth?  How much would defeat cost?  These are two questions all rulers must ask before they go to war. VICTORY by Lester del Rey and Lin Stone, first collaborator, gives a new perspective


Courage for the Rich Cousins 

Water, Water: is available online.  This is a picture book for parents to read to their bright children.

The Amazing Earthworm 

Many Moons is another picture book for parents to read to their bright children.  They will love it more than the kids do.