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Are you looking for a way to increase your online traffic and your bottom line? Single owner firms are invited to explore our 5 ways to make money online quickly and without a lot of effort. Larger, more prosperous firms will find our television station on Roku, Family Circle TV more helpful.  That said, let's roll the presses here.

#1 Transcribe Audio – Finally, more websites are beginning to offer written transcriptions for those that are hearing impaired, which makes that transcriber’s job in demand. While it doesn’t always pay a lot, it also doesn’t require a lot of work or a commitment from you. Check sites like Elance or Guru for these types of jobs. 

#2 Participate in Online Surveys – You won’t get rich on this either, but they also don’t take much time and you can create a little extra cash flow for yourself. 

#3 Edit Audio – If you are familiar with sound editing software there is a job opportunity waiting for you cleaning up online interviews, webinars, webcasts, etc. Visit employment sites like ODesk or Elance in order to secure business. 

#4 Enter Contests – Whether you are a writer or a photographer, whether you design logos or create backgrounds, there are tons of contests running, looking for the best ‘product.’ You don’t get paid unless you win so you will need to enter as many contests as you can find in your niche. Success is often minimal, but it only takes one big win and you’ll be very happy.

#5 Flip Domain Names – Domain names are as valuable as real estate. My oldest daughter can come up with 80 new names per day. Use Google Adwords to find trending keywords and then use that information to choose domains to flip. Short, straightforward domains are pretty much all bought, so you will likely have to settle for acronyms, initials, the use of dashes, etc. Be creative when you are trying to buy domain names. Even if the main keyword isn’t available you can work off of that keyword and incorporate it with ether words. 
The entry form at NameCheap will help you find the best names faster.
It takes a larger investment to grab an existing name and try to flip it but just coining new names can be lucrative because the investment is so small.
With a good name a single page can be adequate, byt the longer and less popular names can be improved with good content on 5 to 10 pages. I had one that found lost insurance companies. 5 researched pages made it a great find. Business found me.

Making a living quickly is made easy by making the right choices. With so many opportunities online it can be difficult to determine what’s the right way. Part of it depends on how much time you have available to you and where your interests lie. One thing is for certain, there are tons of legitimate ways to make money online, so why not start today?
The biggest hustle online is insurance. Second is how to make money online.The big boys have weekly Launches that net thousands of dollars for the big participants every week. Sign up with JVZoo to receive these offers. Watch your mail for other people selling that launch. You'll quickly learn who the rollers are. Compare the rollers with each other and buy from the biggest bargain package. Do not buy from the originator. If you watch the big rollers you will find some incredible bonuses tacked onto their promotions. I have acquired over 100,000 images, almost one thousand videos and hundreds of programs, books, software and over one million PLR articles that I can research and rebuild for profits because, I OWN THE RESALE RIGHTS TO EVERY ONE OF ALL THIS. Just this week I paid $10.00 for the basic package to one offer, and my sponsor ADDED over a thousand dollars in other goodies just for buying it through him.
The big boys are in constant competition with each other; they even know who is making the most sales. I concentrate on acquiring pictures, videos and PLR. But you need to acquire what YOU can turn into money. My first big break was insurance leads. Yours might be shirts printed with slogans. A short time ago it was Roku television stations going for $10,000 a pop. 99.92% profit. Jiminy Christmas, and I could not sell a single one. I couldn't sell website building either, but business cards and license plates and magnetic signs? I had people driving 30-40 miles just to buy from me. 
Get a hustle on and find out what does you fantastic!

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