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Went Bowling With A Watermelon!

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It is a fun game, but having the right equipment is not about taking the fun out of bowling, it is to ensure that one plays with comfort and avoids injuries when playing. Here are some tips on how to properly choose bowling equipment: Bowling Ball Bowling balls are the heart of the game of bowling. Bowling balls can make one's game or break his arms. Getting a personal bowling ball is a great idea for league players and even casual enthusiasts who play a bit more than once in a while. Shopping for a ball can present a bit of quandary, however. Here's what to consider in a bowling ball: Budget. Balls can get rather expensive. It's not a bad idea to set a budget before doing some serious shopping. Point your toes to the floor, and then rotate your foot to loosen up the ankles. Do this for about eight counts clockwise and then another eight in the opposite direction. Repeat for the other foot. An adequate warm up routine will help ensure you that your body will not feel as much stress from your game. Learning how to behave on the lanes is as much an important part of the game as figuring out how to score correctly. There are some major dos and don'ts when it comes to bowling lane etiquette. They include: Do's Get the proper gear. It is considered a major breach of bowling lane etiquette to wear street shoes on the lanes. In bowling, the ball is the most important piece of equipment you will use, so choose the right one for the job! Be sure to try out many, and select one that s the right weight, material and finger-grip fit. Bowling Tip #2: Are you bowling enough? To progress at bowling, you need to bowl at least once or twice a week. " This is the "classic" technique of most bowlers because it employs smooth and controlled movements and lessens the possibility of injuries. 3. Cranker This is the kind of technique that is being employed by a bowler who relies more on his strength to deliver a good shot rather than accuracy. 

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