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Ten-pin bowling is the most popular and the most widely played form of bowling. Bowling balls used when playing ten-pin bowling have several set physical characteristics. First, ten-pin bowling balls are 8.5 inches in diameter. However, simply stating the diameter of a bowling ball is a bit deceptive. Stretch those arms The player's flexers and extenders should be properly warmed up before playing the game. This will enable the player's arms to be properly toned so that it can handle the weight and strain of the bowling ball. 4. Breathe out During warm up exercises, it is important to do some deep breathing. Remember, you are all there to have fun, not bowl a perfect 300. Make it a personal competition. Rather than make it a game against each other, try bowling to beat your own personal scores. This can help give kids the leeway they need to learn and take the pressure off. Pick the right equipment. Make sure the shoes fit right and the balls aren't too heavy or too light. The standard rule of thumb is to find a ball that is roughly about 10 percent of a person's own body weight. Some people might feel more comfortable with a ball that is slightly lighter or heavier, however. Before taking the plunge and buying a bowling ball, it's not a bad idea to play with several different weights to see what feels the best. Sorting Out Strikes and Spares - Scoring a Bowling Game Believe it or not, the average recreational bowler, though capable of performing well on the bowling alley, may be at a total loss when it comes to being able to keeping score. Many bowling alleys now have an automatic scoring system that does all the figuring of the scores for them. An Introduction to the Bowling Game Models use the runway for cat walking and balls do too. Bowling balls are tossed energetically to knock down ten bowling pins. This by far has becomes one of the most sought after stress relieving games in the world. It's main objective is to get something really hard and heavy and throw it to knock down all of the pins. 

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