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In the smaller box, you should write down the number of pins that fell on the player's first try of the frame. 3. In the box next to the smaller one where you recorded the first attempt, write down the number of pins that fell on the second try. 4. Add the two numbers together and place the result (total) in the larger space at the bottom of the box. -A bowler must make sure that he is using the right kind of ball. Right-handed players should use balls which are made for the right-handed and left-handed players should use balls for the lefties. There's a slight difference in the distances of the finger holes between the two balls. -As a general rule, people can use balls which weight up to 10% of their total body weight. However, the pins that were knocked down on the first delivery are scored in the box next to the small square. The pins knocked down on the second delivery are listed on the smaller box inside the square. A strike occurs when all 10 pins are knocked down on the first delivery. The square is then marked with the letter x on the upper right corner of the box. It is possible to find good buys on all types of balls by shopping around and even considering used or form lane balls, but many prefer to have their very own, brand new ball. Ball type. A bowling ball can have different surface material. This material will help determine its performance when the ball hits the lane. 3 Bowling Techniques to Make a Strike or Spare It is a strike, when all of the pins are knocked down "on the first ball of a frame." Every bowler would like to hit a strike and score big to win with this action, but it is not merely a stroke of luck. Bowlers who want to make it big by hitting strikes more often than not have to work at it. A Bowling Alley Can Be A Great Bonding Place For Families When it comes to a sport that provides lots of family fun, few can match a quick trip to a local bowling alley. Although it might take years to reach "pro" status, almost anyone of any age can play this game. The game can be altered for young children and it is one even teens tend to enjoy, as well. 

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