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Fat burning As your muscles flex, turn, and twist in every swinging motion that you make while playing bowling, these moves can actually promote the burning of some accumulated body fat. 3. Builds friendships One of the health benefits that can be derived in bowling is based on the kind of relationship that is being built with your friends or family. It s not safe to practice the release, however, as a bowling ball will easily roll straight through walls if you miss your target! Not to mention you ll ruin the surface of your ball. When practicing at home, mark your foul line and arrows in masking tape or other material that will not damage your floor. A right handed bowler will want the brake shoe on the opposite foot than a left handed bowler would wear it. If you have to rent your bowling shoes at the alley, chances are you will not get to select left or right handed bowling shoes. This is another major reason that anyone who loves to bowl on a regular basis will purchase their own shoes. The fingers should be always be relaxed when delivering (swinging) the ball. 2. It is also recommended that a bowler learn the different styles and techniques of bowling. This will help him get used to the movements and find out which styles are effective for him in hitting all the pins. 3. A bowler should be able to estimate his timing. A split may happen when the head pin was knocked down but there were lower pins that remained standing creating two separate set of pins. Scoring may be hard to understand especially if the player is a beginner. It would be easier for him to enjoy the game first before understanding the scoring guidelines. Delivering Hook Techniques in Bowling Bowling is a sport and leisure activity that involves creativity and discipline. To be able to perform well, one should be familiar with the different movements and techniques in bowling. Bowling has been a sport for many centuries. As the years passed changes evolved and modern bowlers are now able to execute different techniques and strategies. 

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