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DIY - How To Make Marble Bowling Game From Magnetic Balls ( Satisfaction ) | Magnet World 4K

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However, the pins that were knocked down on the first delivery are scored in the box next to the small square. The pins knocked down on the second delivery are listed on the smaller box inside the square. A strike occurs when all 10 pins are knocked down on the first delivery. The square is then marked with the letter x on the upper right corner of the box. It is necessary for every bowler to do some warm up exercises since playing the game could put more strain on the player than anticipated. Here is a list of some warm up tips that every bowler should learn in order to play the game well - minus the injury: 1. Stretching When doing stretching exercises that involve the neck and shoulder, it is best to hold each stretch for about eight counts to get utmost results. Of course you can still buy the more traditional appearing shoe. In fact, bowling shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors as it isn t the outward appearance of the shoe, but rather the sole which plays an important part in the game of bowling. Bowling shoes must be cared for properly and never worn outside of the bowling alley and certainly never worn on the street. Hold this for about 8 counts then reverse the direction, tilting your head back. Do this for the left and right side of your neck as well. Shoulders Place your right arm across your chest, slightly bending it at the elbow, which should be turned away from your body. You should be able to feel the pull at the shoulder joint and sustain it for eight counts. There's a slight difference in the distances of the finger holes between the two balls. -As a general rule, people can use balls which weight up to 10% of their total body weight. A kid who weighs 70 pounds can use a 7 pound ball, anything above that should be replaced by a lighter ball. -One must also assess his level of playing. A Bowling Alley Can Be A Great Bonding Place For Families When it comes to a sport that provides lots of family fun, few can match a quick trip to a local bowling alley. Although it might take years to reach "pro" status, almost anyone of any age can play this game. The game can be altered for young children and it is one even teens tend to enjoy, as well. 

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