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BOWLING but in Fortnite!? (Minigame)

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Bowling is one of the most popular games in the world and it is a game of utmost precision. Your bowling shoes must be lightweight and fit properly so that you can tell right away if your stance is off. If your foot happens to be positioned improperly, it can ruin the chance for a strike. Bowling shoes today are much more fashionable than in times past. This technique is characterized by employing the "by the book" style of playing that entails the proper execution of even movements, keeping square shoulders to the target all the way through the release of the ball, and maintaining an on-time move at the "foul line." This is the "classic" technique of most bowlers because it employs smooth and controlled movements and lessens the possibility of injuries. The score is then made by counting 10 for the strike and adding it to the number of pins knocked down on the next two deliveries. Two strikes made consecutively are scored as a double . The score for the first strike is then 20 and the number of pins knocked down on the first delivery before the second strike. It is essential to always keep an eye on the target. He must focus on the target from start to finish. Losing focus will cause inconsistencies and a bad performance. 6. Practice makes perfect. A beginner should practice often if he would like to excel in bowling. Bowling requires the players to master many movements and styles. In fact, most health experts say that doing warm up exercises increases the capacity of the person to withstand the activity or the game. It has been clinically proven that warm up exercises can actually boost an individual's working ability and can lessen, if not eliminate, the chances of injury. It is necessary for every bowler to do some warm up exercises since playing the game could put more strain on the player than anticipated. In the America alone, there are more than 7,000 bowling associations in different states that support countrywide competitions for more than 4 million bowlers. Americans find the bowling attitude the same as their culture, however, they are unable to take credit for the discovery of the game. Since bowling history is colorful and full of twists and turns, researchers have discovered that the game is actually the very first sport that was discovered. 

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