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2013 PBA CP3 All-Stars Bowling

Special Bulletin

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This will enable the player's arms to be properly toned so that it can handle the weight and strain of the bowling ball. 4. Breathe out During warm up exercises, it is important to do some deep breathing. It is best to hold your breath for about 6 counts in between deep breaths in order to condition the lungs. Bowling is one of those sports that can be very cost effective. Those on a budget can take advantage of lower-priced day trips and rentals of balls and shoes. Families that really get into the action can splurge and buy their own equipment. This can really be a shoestring operation if a family wants or needs it to be. There are some major dos and don'ts when it comes to bowling lane etiquette. They include: Do's Get the proper gear. It is considered a major breach of bowling lane etiquette to wear street shoes on the lanes. Make sure to have on the proper shoes. Get rentals if you don't have your own. Street shoes can damage the lanes and disrupt the oil pattern on them (not to mention the fact many are not designed to handle the slick surface). Sorting Out Strikes and Spares - Scoring a Bowling Game Believe it or not, the average recreational bowler, though capable of performing well on the bowling alley, may be at a total loss when it comes to being able to keeping score. Many bowling alleys now have an automatic scoring system that does all the figuring of the scores for them. The bowlers should also learn to observe the rules and guidelines set of the game and the bowling alley. Rules are there to keep bowlers safe and create healthy relationship with other bowlers. It is important that these rules be observed at all times. 5. One guideline that should be observed is choosing and using the same ball throughout the game. The player must not cross the line before or after the ball has been thrown. In the America alone, there are more than 7,000 bowling associations in different states that support countrywide competitions for more than 4 million bowlers. Americans find the bowling attitude the same as their culture, however, they are unable to take credit for the discovery of the game. 

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