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Raw Wit and Wry Wisdom, easily our favorite book. now holding Over 400 pages of quotations, unlikely heroes as well as historical documents you may not find elsewhere. Verdana font in 14 pica height is used for easier reading. The book is organized and designed to be read as if it were a novel of discovery.

Raw Wit and Wry Wisdom is a Perfect Companion for your Talks, Discussions and forensic demonstrations. This 13th edition contains powerful words from many of our Presidents, from Washington to Trump. Then you will also find numerous listings from other sources, Homer, Socrates, Cicero etc. We also have a humor section with the sub section for bumper stickers.

Wisdom from our past is the greatest man-made treasure found on earth. From ancient times to modern truths Raw Wit and Wry Wisdom will entertain and enlighten your friends and customers.

Download a copy from Tell your friends where they can get a free copy too.


Writing improvement for pleasure, about 25 titles of books to download and read immediately.


Beware of Diabetes Type 2. This book by Maggie Wood will help you keep diabetes from sneaking up on you.

Phone addiction can be cured.

Create Your Own Affirmations Maggie Wood wrote it for us by research alone. She has always produced professional work! Issac Asimov produced hundreds of books by research.


There were three basic types of automobile: steam, electric and that quaint little motor that used something called gasoline in the year 1902.  
It was admitted that any woman could drive an electric automobile, any man could drive a steam-powered automobile, but neither man nor woman could drive a gasoline-powered automobile; it follows its own odorous will, and goes or does not go as it feels disposed. When it does go the automobile might go straight down the road, or it might dive straight for the ditch. Therefore it required some combination of a mechanic, a naturalist and a navigator to even think of launching an Odyssey of 2,000 miles in 1902.
This narrative truly is a page right out of history.

The Lion and The Unicorn is a philosophical romance of unrequited love temporarily resolved. This truly is a romance, a brand new romance, and a brand new kind of romance novel.  Be careful now, don't miss it.

Don't Lose Your Hearing, by Maggie Wood. Around 45 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. While seniors are the group most at risk (half of people over 75 have some hearing loss), hearing loss can happen to anyone, at any age.

Video Marketing, is a 10,000-word book from Lin Stone that will help you understand the marketing aspect of videos.

Anthem, by Ayn Rand

Birds and where to find them

Dutch Boy  Easily my favorite inspirational book.

Campout suggestions 

Family Circle TV is a Roku television station I own. About 8 out of 10 authors, writers or illustrators I make videos for either don't have access to or don't know how to make it work. As time permits I shall embed the videos I have produced for my Roku television station on this site.

 Leonardo DaVinci 

_OpEds Reports and retorts. 15,000 words reporting on many subjects.

You can be a storyteller It is exciting work and this book works just like magic. Usually, I simply show you to the book file and let you download the book. However, the "sales material" I cooked up introduces a form of sales effort that is irresistible.

Oh, don't worry, there is still no charge for the book; it is completely free, no signup, no sign in, just click that little button and hurry home so you can sit down and grin about the treasure you have bought.


What kind of sacrifice does it take to be a real writer? Lin Stone provides some of the answers that come from writers themselves in Writers Are Writing

The Poe of Poetry package was produced for the edification of the aspiring poet. Edgar Allan Poe was the first well-known American writer to earn a living through his writing alone. 
He was one of America's earliest and foremost practitioners of the short story. 
He is also generally considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre and is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction.

Cash Genie, Internet marketing: Inside these covers you’ll find specific strategies, ones that will allow any type of business to stand above everyone else in their customers’ eyes. And by implementing these strategies, your business will be seen as the only possible source for your products. For further aid with this principle, you should download YOU CAN BE A STORYTELLER as well. I'm just telling it like it is.

Most importantly, you can start experiencing that kind of success within minutes of completing this book. In fact, you’ll probably even get your first “eureka” moment within the first few pages!

And now for the rest of the stories

Modern times demand a modern story and Emily's Modern Toothfairy really hits the target. Little Emily leaves her leaking toadstool home behind and sets off to work for Queen Incha. Queen Incha is one whole inch taller than most tooth fairies. She has advertised for palace workers that can be trained to ride her high-powered, rear-engine, rotary dynamos that can beat the thunder across town to pick up fresh teeth before Thadeus P. MacCrackenaPlaque can steal them! This is another book for children that grownups will love to read out loud.

Moon Dreams, the original form of fuzzy logic, a dreamy kind of vision

The Farewell Address delivered by President George Washington as he left the office of the first president of the United States. All the words are there in the right sequence of appearance, but I have started and ended the paragraphs in order to generate a continuous stream for the modern reader's appreciation.  Any liberties I have taken were used only for artistic enhancements of the written words. And you can quote me on that, but don't steal my product and name it a true copy of his farewell address. George wouldn't like that; you know how indignant he was about telling lies.

This document has been quoted from liberally since day one as various newspapers leaped to reproduce it for their readers. Consequently, there are many different versions and abbreviations in existence.

Andrew Jackson's First Address before Congress was stunning, piercing, and myth-defying. He had acquired the reputation of an unlearned man, unable to read or write well. Here is the entire 10,442 word document from that address. No signup required, no sign in needed. Just download it and begin to read this historical document. I hope it will enthrall you. In that Congressional audience were the three best orators in all of American history. They sat silent, intent on capturing his every word.

Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans. Crack troops from Wellington's Army that had defeated Napoleon were being unloaded from British ships in order to capture New Orleans when they were attacked by a barefooted, uncouth group of volunteers allegedly under the control of Andrew Jackson. A good many of his men didn't even have rifles. 
They were greatly outnumbered, outgunned, and purportedly outgeneraled. Any bookmaker of that day would have given you odds of 2:1 that the British army would sweep them aside without breaking stride. The man called Old Hickory chased them all the way back to their ships and inflicted terrible losses upon them. 
Old Hickory wasn't through yet. On the way home his rag-tag army invaded Spain's Florida and rendered the Spaniards helpless. Congress made him release his captives and told him to apologize. He released his prisoners and told them they had better not ever make fun of his army again.


Don't leave your name behind when you ask for a Book of Mormon. We won't even know you are here, much less know what books you are downloading. And come back here if you want to learn more about BookOfMormon beliefs.


The study of psychology and religion go pretty much hand in hand. (psychiatry is relegated to the humor section on Seastonebooks!) Psychological truths are proven by studying statistical preponderances mentally designed for either/or reduction. Religious truths are usually discovered by the balancing of heart and mind on a single subject. However, some spiritual truths are so powerful it may take a lifetime to unprove them with any substantial change to the belief system. 

When the spirit and logic arrive independently at the same conclusion that piece of truth can be added to life's burthen for further testing, if necessary.

In other words, if Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry James ever agreed on anything then Henry David Thoreau could pretty much rely on its precepts until it was proven wrong by him in the laboratory of life. In all your own studies in this realm, always ask yourself, Am I receiving data, or opinion, and then, act accordingly.

Shortcuts to Mind, Matter, and Memory In this short pamphlet I have laid forth some recent posits of scientific agreement where logic and spirit seem to bisect. I do hope you will find the book helpful in your search for a firmer foundation for use in dealing with the constant jostling for your attention and your credit card.

The Magic of Walking. Today is the day. Four hours is the minimum, and tomorrow is the same expanse, except maybe a tad longer if you want to keep the magic brisk and wholesome. Essay by Henry David Thoreau

New Book Writers


Brother John is the best and most important book of fiction Lin Stone has published so far. The war that John brought to an end was only the beginning of disaster because some unseen power was sending his world to extinction by giving it too many expensive gifts for free.

The Great Sheep Feud. It began before they were born and promised them only heartache and misery.
Gene was supposed to stop a war between the cattlemen and the sheepmen by tracking down the rustlers; Instead, he fell in love with the bandit chief's daughter and blazed a trail to glory in defending an honor she did not have. She was proud to claim the heart of every outlaw up there. She flaunted her conquests.  
Gene started the biggest feud between the cattlemen and the sheepmen in the history of the old west. You do not want to miss this one, do you?

1 Nephi, 4th son of Lehi An introduction of a great warrior.

The Story Of Antelope, The legend of a great Sioux warrior

The End of Harry Morgan, Buccaneer.
Whatever happened to Harry Morgan? He came before Blackbeard by the way. He was thoroughly rotten and he was a glutton for punishment, as long as he was the one dishing it out, anyway!

How do you get even with a man like that?
Maybe you don't.
Maybe you have to join him and cut yourself into some of the fun. Here is your chance: 
Discover how bad the buccaneers really were.

John Dillinger learned his trade in the penitentiary well. When he came out he was primed to become Public Enemy Number 1. The chase was on. 

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