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Books and stories to keep children reading

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Raw Wit and Wry Wisdom, Wisdom from our past is the greatest man-made treasure found on earth. From ancient times to modern truths this 465 page book of quotations will entertain and enlighten your friends and customers. The 14th edition of Raw Wit and Wry Wisdom contains powerful quotes from many of our Presidents, from Washington to Trump with Andrew Johnson in the middle.
Our humor section make this the perfect companion for speeches, talks and personal enlightenment. Just click the button above and our electronic book will begin downloading immediately, with no cost and no obligation.
Poor, Poor Abe, the failure who didn't quit. Why maybe he didn't have to.

Writing improvement for pleasure, about 25 titles of books to download and read immediately.

Currently, there are two types of books in this particular section; exe and pdf. 
Currently, the exe books outnumber the pdf books. However, I don't plan on producing any more exe books. I already have 129 pdf books that I am going through in cherry-picking mode.
I made the exe books myself (1997-2004) Last night I checked each one of them to be sure the pages turn and function well. Please don't click on any of the ads. They are all ancient and I don't want you to get frustrated. /

Hound of the Baskervilles exe /

Treasure Island exe /

Mansfield exe /

Riding across American Prairies exe  a western of unusual depth and perception Learn what the wild west was really like when the pesky Indians still roamed freely /

Pride and Prejudice exe /

The Princess exe /

Scientific Salesmen  exe /

Sense and Sensibility exe /

Endearing and enduring Verses exe /

WAR exe /

Call of the Wild exe /

Cat stories. Cat lovers will open both eyes wide to take it all in. From sweet little kittens to tigers take the spotlight. I have worked long and hard to put all these together for you on my web site  

Breaking the Smoking habit  


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