Use Our Bird Videos
To EXPLODE Your Identification Scores!

Nothing in the world can improve your successful identification scores like knowing what you are looking at!  The following videos chase each other, one after the other.
You will be seeing each species long enough to become better acquainted.  You will see them as they really are.  Watch them search for food, watch them at play. 
You'll be soaking up information and making identification while you are enjoying yourself.  So go get some refreshments and make yourself comfortable.  You'll be seeing birds from all over the United States; you will need your best bird book. 

Keep score as you go; how many do you recognize the first time, how many the second time.  Come back often, and tell your friends how to find this page, please.

Remember, our videos chase each other.  There are lots of them.  Maybe you'd better invite a friend over.  Click the video when you are ready!

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