Shooting Bird Houses

We tried for 30 minutes to get a shot of a woodpecker with something that looked like a white beak on him.  We segued, we waited breathlessly, and we never got any part of him on film.  It was really frustrating.  It was so bad I wanted to throw the camera away, just to see it bust open.

I'm 70 years old; I don't have time for this.

A few days later I remembered doing some ground work for an article on rural mail boxes.  I've seen everything, the back end of a cow, the front end of a John Deere and one on a pole 30 feet high that said AIR MAIL.  There's some good old American humor wrapped up in mail boxes.  Only the story went south when it was discovered someone had beat me to it.  But, wouldn't it be a lot more fun taking pictures of bird houses than traipsing the wet boonies for a nimble-footed woodpecker?  Just get your camera out and start taking pictures of bird houses around you. 

Who cares if someone else has already shot the story full of holes? This hobby is for ME -- and it keeps my powder dry.  Most birdhouses will even pose for me; some are out there posing 24/7 -- they don't even duck when I take a dozen shots at them.  Bingo! This is the kind of sport I've been hungering for.  There's no competition involved.  You can be standing beside 70 other people shooting the same birdhouse and, so what?  Even if you are not the best photographer around, you can come up with some good shots to compile into an album that you can be proud of and pass on to your posterity.


Sure, it's been done before.  If you check out some works of any photo journalist, you will come upon some pictures of bird and bird houses. The fact that they can elusive and will take patience and time to take is what makes it challenging. Not everybody can get up close and personal with bird and bird houses. And those who did are really worth admiring.

With the popularity of digital camera comes the ability to shoot great pictures far and near. Pictures are oftentimes clearer and have that "large-than-life" feel in them. In addition, the many features that is available in digital cameras makes it more fun to shoot up a bird house picture. You can make use of different colors, styles and angles depending on what best suit your tastes.

Before taking that shot, you need to keep in mind that birds are very shy. They fly away at the slightest sound and will definitely not be thrilled at the attention you bestow on them. This is why you have to plan out your move first so that you will achieve that shot that people love.

On a clear sunny day, you can start by looking over the landscape for locations that bird houses might be into. It should be worth your while going from one tree to another to look for hidden bird houses that cannot be seen from a distance.

Not only will your adventure give you the time to relax and enjoy nature, it will also give you the chance of creating an album unlike any other. It would be your very own bird album with different pictures of birds and their houses that you have scoured around your area.

If you are living in a community where people takes pride in building their own bird houses, then taking pictures would not be a daunting task for you. All you have to do is ask permission from the owners to have their bird house pictured. "It will be published on "SPECIAL BULLETIN!" usually does it for me.

When all the pictures have been compiled, you can present them in your local community hall for an exhibition. For sure, owners would be delighted to have their bird houses viewed by everyone within the community and out of it.

Picturing bird houses can be an enjoyable hobby that can stand out from the rest. This can be your option if you are already tired of having persons or landscapes as subject. People who will view your pictures will be awed by the effort you have put up in capturing the bird house in a perfect light.

You do not have to go far just to get the pictures you wanted. Some of them may be just within your backyard. Take the time to do a little survey of the area around you to see if there are bird houses in there that you have not seen before.

If you find that you have more available time, you can actually create your own bird houses. When birds start flocking your creation, that is the best time to get your camera out and start taking pictures you can really be proud of.

the end


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