Have you been dreaming about turning your plain old bird house into a mansion?  A birdhouse made in heaven?  Just think, you can decorate it inside and out to create a cozy cottage to ruffle feathers of envy for a hundred miles or more. Nothing brings summer birds hopping your way as fast as endowing their summer cottage with Water Features. Run a rubber hose or half inch pvc pipe from the back to the front. Slice the top half off for a short strip so your birds can access running water inside their home.

To make sure the birds come to inspect your mansion let the pipe extend out the front to serve as a perch, and let the dripping water splatter over a series of rocks and escape into a shallow pool where a pump sends it back up to the house. The sound of dripping water will bring them winging your way in a hurry.

You can create a bird house just as fancy as your creative skills and access to building materials will permit. Yours will likely stand out from those that are made from metals and that look plain and, well, pitiful. The materials you can use are unlimited. Proper planning and building are what comprises the creation of the best fancy bird house. The proper size and shape of the opening may need to change with the depth of your building material. For instance, if the board you are using is extra thick then the inside of the hole should be wallowed out to give your honeymooners extra room to maneuver. With very thin material you should design the aperture to be a fraction smaller than normal as the material will give.

You can model the various other features to provide your birds with a safe and comfortable abode. Oriental simplicity or Western designs of intricate dreams will require much attention to detail. Before you get carried away though, make sure your plans will produce a miniature home that will blend well with your own home.

This is one of the reasons to plan your production thoroughly. Actually hold up some of the building materials with your home as a backdrop and try to imagine how the bird house should be designed so it will complement your home. Consider the color, the style and let the location influence the curve of your creativity as well.

Think of the bird's safety too as your plans begin to come together. Like Judge Parker you'll want to hang them high, maybe even as much as six feet. You'll also want to consider ways to implement the safe launch of the next generation of flighted marvels.

Now, turn yourself about and consider the semi-permanent ornamental statues as well as live plants or garden that you already have decorating your home. Consider carefully, do you want the bird house to blend in, or stand out in contrast to your home? In some magazines like BIRDS & BLOOMS, or over the internet, you can find many designs to pattern your fancy bird house into. All you need are good resources to guide you in its creation and maintenance. Take your time and do it right. Then you can have the bird house of your dreams.


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