The number one spectator sport in North America is not baseball, football, figure skating or even racing.   No, Sir!

It's Bird Watching. 


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#4. Practice Before You Go. A key to viewing wildlife, and especially birds, is to have the ability to very quickly put your binoculars on target. Many people have difficulty finding a full moon in a pair of binoculars-but alas-learning to focus on a bird in a bush or track a bird in flight is easy for someone who has practiced prior to their outing. Try this before you go; lower your binoculars to your side and very quickly raise them to find and follow a jet airliner across the sky.  After only a few attempts, you'll get good at quickly acquiring your target. Quite often, birds are visible for only a few seconds, practice to become proficient.

#5. Take Someone with You. Life is always better when shared.  Not only do you get to spend time out of doors with someone you like, but they might alert you to the "Number One Sight of the Day." Share your birding experiences with your friends and family. Pass the birding excitement to a child.

The best part about wildlife viewing is that you the viewer, control almost every aspect of the experience. The more you are prepared, the more rewarding your time in our backcountry will be. Follow these 5 simple tips to get the most out of birding.  Get Outdoors!
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