Watching Birds
In Peru


Watching birds in Peru is one of the greatest times a bird watching hobbyist could ever experience. This is because the place provides a great background not only on magnificent bird life but can also unveil a landscape that has almost everything nature has to offer.

In fact, next to Colombia, Peru has the largest variety of bird species available. Because of its unique topography and strategic geography, Peru provides a great habitat for thousands of bird species.

Studies show that there are almost 2000 bird species existing within the borders of Peru. Ornithologists that investigate and record bird distribution say that almost 19 percent of all the bird species in the world and almost 50 percent of neo-tropical birds can be found concentrated within Peru. The country also offers virgin forests that are perfect habitat for rare species of birds as well as animals.  In other words, this is going to be a real sight-seeing tour.
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The best places for
watching birds in Peru bird

Knowing how rich the variety of birds present in Peru, no bird watching hobbyist can resist wanting to visit the country. Here are some of the best places for Peru bird watching:

1. The Paracas National Reserve. This is considered as one of the most spectacular and convenient places to go bird watching in Peru. Located at Lima, this preserve in Paracas can be reached after almost 4 hours. The common birds that can be seen in the area include the Humboldt Current, the Pisco, Dark-faced Ground Tyrant, Peruvian Thick-knee, and Tawny-throated Dotterel.   Not only is the Reserve a natural paradise. It is also an important archeological center containing traces of the ancient Paracas culture that flourished there from 700 b.c. to 100 b.c.: a race of master weavers whose multihued cloaks are veritable works of art.

2. The Lomas de Lachay National Reserve. You can reach this area if you go almost 100 kms. north of  Lima. If you are into daytime bird watching, this is the ideal place for you because the place can only accommodate a small number of people. Although it is quite far, the trip will be worth it because you will find rare species of Thick-billed Miner and Yellow-finches, among many others, of course.  Throughout the reserve there exists approximately 55 bird species pertaining to 16 families, among them are: the Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia), the Andean Tinamou (Nothoprocta pentlandii), the American Krestrel (Falco sparverius peruvianus) and a rather diverse species of hummingbirds.

3. The Marcapomacocha. This area is almost five hours away from the capital city. But, the trip will really delight hardcore bird watchers because the place offers the view of some of the world's most rare bird species including different breeds of Andean species, Sandpipers, the beautiful White-bellied Cinclodes, and black-breasted Hillstar that is really popular in the country.

You can also enjoy the off road views in the Giant Coot located in the lake of Marcapomacocha, the Lake Junin, the Hu nuco, and the Carpish range. (TIP: Make sure that you bring lots of water when you go to these places because the weather can be so hot and cause you dehydration.)

4. The Huascar n Biosphere Reserv. Located at Huar z in central Andes, the reserve can be reached after almost 10 hours of driving. Before reaching the place where you can find the rare White-cheeked Cotinga, different kinds of finches, and Andean Condors, you will pass through breathtaking mountain ranges and lakes.

5. The Chiclayo-Cajamarca Circuit. Peru bird watching can never be complete without visiting this establishment because you can see the most legendary and rare species of birds that can only be seen in Peru including the buff-bridled inca finch, long-whiskered owlet, mara on crescent-chest, and the marvellous spatule-tail.

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