Adventure calls to every man
But it has many faces.


The Life Of Andrew Jackson was a robust hero even at the age of 5. At the age of 25 he was known as an adventurous man. Acting alone in Tennessee he could tear out after his man in distant frontier towns and bring the fiercest man back to the courthouse. In the Battle of New Orleans Jackson went up against an army twice his size, comprised of crack troops that had whipped Napoleon, and generaled by Wellington's brother-in-law who had studied under Wellington.


The End of Harry Morgan, Buccaneer.
Whatever happened to Harry Morgan? He came before Blackbeard. He was thoroughly rotten and he was a glutton for punishment, as long as he was the one dishing it out, anyway!

How do you get even with a man like that? Maybe you don't. Maybe you have to join him and cut yourself in to some of the fun. Discover how bad the buccaneers really were.