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Of Diamonds And Gold

Have I None

Of Diamonds And Gold

Have I None

I, Lin Stone, am a writer. I have been a writer since the age of 7, not a very good one until 50 years later, but still a writer all that time.

In looking back over seven decades of trials and errors, I can remember many years of desperation, several serious months of fooling myself and just a handful of minutes that were marred with happiness I did not deserve – or argue about receiving for that matter.

I have literally stood right in the middle of a giant diamond mine, and I had the world's best diamond finder standing right beside me, giving me precise instructions. I stayed with her for a whole week while she explained to me how to spot loose diamonds and recognize one when I had it.

A lady in front of me accidentally dropped a big diamond out of her ring. It fell down in the mud right in front of me. She and I didn't find it. Shirley did. She was standing about one foot behind my right shoulder when she spotted it.

I saw nothing until a big smile of relief announced a treasure was back in that lady's hand. 

The Book of Mormon talks about slippery wealth slipping away from us. I let that happen to me dozens of times before I realized the fault was mine because I was shooting myself in the foot, every time with a borrowed shotgun.

However, there are a few other forms of wealth that are right around me and kicking me in the shins to get my attention. You should see how thick my scars are down there!

Then there were those eight long years that I was homeless, a wanderer -- moving down the lost highways, -- living all alone in abandoned houses, and then, under cover of darkness, scrounging for food that the dogs and cats had left behind. But somehow, I lived through those pandemic experiences and even learned many valuable survival skills. When I was homeless my days were also littered with benefactors that tried to help, and some of them did help – all of them helped me all they could. Only now do I realize how much each of my benefactors back then was worth.

Today what I remember most vividly was that I never said thank you? Mea Culpa, Drot the luck, It's true! Not one word of gratitude escaped my lips back when they should have been uttered, or at least mumbled! But Mike Tacker, the man who helped me most, I realize he helped me most because of how little he had to share. He might be gone by now, and I have not thanked him, personally. but every time I really helped feed one of the helpless I tell myself, "Lord don't let them thank me, let Mike Tacker have all the credit!"

The eternal truth I have discovered is that all of us are showered with blessings every day we are alive. Every day we have more blessings showered on us than we can possibly use. The sunshine outside, the oxygenated air we breathe, the wind that blows that good air around, the education we have obtained, are we ever grateful enough for these things?


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