How To Write
When You Can't Write A Word!

 by Lin Stone

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THREE ways to write a whole book when you can't write a word. All three ways are legal! Let's start out with the way Isaac Asimov did it you can be the EDITOR, and publish the book under your name. Now, that isn't the ONLY way that Issac produced his constant stream of books. But the fact remains, he did use this method and it did work. Editor,, that means you collect the writings of two or more writers and assemble them into a new work.

Anthologies are a good example of this, like THE BEST TOLD TALES OF TASD -- by Whomver U. Are. Science Fiction anthologies and short stories anthologies are the best known models but you can also do something like BEST CARTOONS OF 2007, or whatever. If you are assembling current work into an anthology you MUST contact the authors and writers and ask their permission to include their work.



However, if the work you are assembling is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN you don't even have to contact the author, writer or artist. All you need is a good title that will UNIFY the work so that the reader will know what to expect when opening up Your Book. #2,, You can also use current, FREE articles to assemble a book under your name. We are talking thousands and thousands of articles with the authors BEGGING YOU to use them.

So, is there a way YOU make money handing out a FREE BOOK?

Actually, that is pretty easy to do. All you need to do is insert ADVERTISING inside the book in appropriate places. What is appropriate?



Let's say your book is centered on the topic of working at home and you want to use an ad for The New Age Work at Home Plan. You can put the ad (that kind of looks like a book cover) on the right hand side or the left and when readers click on the book cover they are taken to the sales page for that book. When sales are made you earn up to $50

Another way I insert the advertising so it looks nice is to sandwich it between two pieces, or in natural breaks. Not only does this make your advertising visible, it also breaks up the pattern of the page and makes it easier to read as it gives the new owner a chance to stop for a breath or two before traveling on.

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