I really do need your help.

I will pay to learn where you found out about my health insurance page, and what you thought you would find when you arrived.

Pay is in the form of books I am selling on the web.  Choose any one of the titles you find on this page...  Regardless of price, you can have any one title that you REALLY want.  Be SURE to decide which book you want BEFORE you fill out the form.

Just write the title in below and I will send the book back to you by return mail.  And, for a LONG list of other books you can get for free -- even if you choose not to help me -- Click HERE.  Take as many of them as you want.

Hi, Yes, I want one of your books for free.  
I found a link to your health insurance page while I was at: 

I thought I would find (or learn) when I got there:

The title of the ebook I want for free is: 

My email address to receive the ebook is:

Thanks for your help.

Earl H. Roberts