How To Weed Out
Second-Rate Copywriters

And Hire A Pro

 by Trevor Levine

Hiring a copywriter?

If you want your copy to generate cash orders -- or at least pre-sold prospects -- you need a writer who specializes in "direct response". Why?

Any copywriter can write about you, your product, and your company -- and make you sound great. But that type of writing won't generate sales. Here's why. Your prospects:

* Don't care about you or your company. * Won't take action unless they have something to lose. * Must be motivated by a better-than-risk-free offer. * Are naturally inclined to check out your competitors.

Just because someone works as a "copywriter" doesn't mean he's familiar with the techniques of *direct response*. Techniques like:

* Enticing your prospects with mouth-watering benefits * Creating urgency -- and exploiting natural urgency * Developing better-than-risk-free offers * Answering the prospect's unspoken objections * Reversing the risk

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