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Do you need a vacation?  How about a weekend getaway?  We have set it up so that YOU can travel now, -- by plane or ship -- and pay later -- Later, like when you're more relaxed.  Best of all there is no interest, and no credit check.  Just sit back and RELAX.

Where do YOU
fit in?

The Travel Industry is growing 22.73% faster than the world's economy. 

It's hard to keep from getting excited
about this Six trillion dollar a year industry.

Six TRILLION dollars?  Let's put this into perspective here. in America, just 1 trillion is a thousand billion, which would be written as a 1 -- with 12 big zeros trailing after it:

If you only had six trillion seconds of life left to live you would have right at 190,259 years of breathing left.  6,000,000,000,000  -- That's a pretty big number, isn't it? Well get ready to expand your mind yet again because the travel industry is expected to become an over TEN trillion dollars a year industry by the end of this next decade! 

When you can give people an excuse to travel you can cut yourself a hefty slice of that TEN trillion dollar pie. This article is designed to show how you can work your way in.

Everybody must start somewhere; you can start right there at home. Just step out your door to look around and watch for a chance to generate: Adventure, Money, Markets, Photos, Prestige, or Residuals.  Writers that can wax enthusiastic about something, can be paid for their writing almost anywhere they want to go.  You could stop off in an area (like Jasper Texas) and produce an article that could be published in many places on the web, and off the web too.  If you aren't that good with a camera you could ask the local Chamber of Commerce for pictures you can use to make your articles and stories even more valuable. 

If you can't find enough to write an article about one place, write about 3.  Maybe Hassayampa isn't big enough to write about, but if you add Palo Verde and Arlington to your subject matter you should find enough to produce a truly fine article. 

You can also join areas together by linking a common thread.. for example:  The Ivory Billed Woodpecker made big news when one was spotted in Arkansas a few years ago.  Well, write about where was it seen before this.  What kind of trees does this bird like to peck on?  What has killed it off?  Why didn't it evolve?  What birds are taking over their jobs?

If you live in a big metro that every writer in the world has written about in general terms you could slice the area up by industry.  For instance, what kind of carpets sell best here?  What kind of people are buying them?  What weather conditions will wear them out?  Where do they come from?

For that matter, weather conditions could be your linking factor.. What kind of weather will travelers face while traveling from Tucson, Casa Grande, Gila Bend, Agua Caliente to Yuma?  What kind of birds thrive in this region?  Why do they find so much food here? 

It is just plain naturally fun to write about travel.

In Oklahoma tourists are excited about all the casinos they can stop at to play a few slots.  How many casinos are open on the Interstate from Fort Smith to Amarillo?  Are they conveniently spaced?  How dark, how bright are the interiors?  Are the machines different -- or placed differently?  What hours are kept?  What kind of welcome will travelers find? 

Shanghai, Sydney, Moscow, Manitoba, Denmark, DisneyWorld -- 
Travel  is easily the most adventurous industry in the world.

Take a look at my Hot Springs section to see one way of making money with writing about A PLACE.

First off I asked Google to pay me for finding advertisers.  Then an insurance company pays me for advertising. Then there's dining spots, and tickets, and a book on how to buy land in the area, then there's information, and gifts -- why the town of Hot Springs provides lots of advertising opportunities. 

But you aren't restricted to one area, or one subject.  Once you have established yourself as a writer you can expect to see many opportunities to travel and write about it.  For example, in March of 2005 this notice was received in my mail box:

Butte, Montana Writer's Weekend.  Accommodations and western hospitality provided at NO CHARGE.

"Discover BUTTE, Montana,

Old Butte Historical Adventures and the people of Butte, Montana along with many area businesses are sending an invitation to you as a travel writer to come and experience "BUTTE, FROM THE INSIDE OUT". We have designated April 29, 30, and May 1 of 2005 as this years " Free Writer's Weekend". "Butte, From The Inside Out" is a gift from us to you to come and experience Butte as few people have seen it in many decades. This spring Old Butte Historical Adventures will have SEVEN MUSEUMS open to the public on our walking tours. We would like to offer members of the writer's community a preview showing. Of course we hope your WOW factor will trigger a story or two related to your Butte experience.

  BUTTE, MONTANA, FYI Butte, Montana is located midway between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, just a couple of hours from each. Butte started as many towns in the west as a mining camp. Due to the discovery of copper and the electrification of the United States by 1900 Butte had grown to be the largest city between Minneapolis and Seattle. Butte was also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States with emigrants from 60 different countries. Uniquely many of those ethnic groups remained close knit because most miners worked and lived within a block or two of the mine at which they were employed. etc.

On the other hand, travel is not required. For example, it would take WEEKS to explore just the best attractions that Hot Springs has to offer. I concentrated (here) on just the bathhouses, or bathhouse row. I didn't even ride the duck, or go dining on Lake Hamilton. Nor did I get out to Ouachita Lake at that time. Honestly, I could spend a lifetime just writing about Hot Springs. And, I will be going back next month to write about the renovation progress of some of Ken Wheatley's properties by Dennis Magee. Mentioning Dennis reminds me of yet another aspect to write about in any region in the world, the PEOPLE you meet. By running the story in Share Your State I was able to begin making money within two weeks. Pay continues to come in two years after the story appeared. Robbers Cave, Broken Bow, Peter Conser House, Noble Oklahoma, and various other places continue to bring money in too. Happy, yes, I'm happy.


Reduce the cost of Your Tickets
By Volunteering To Serve

How many holidays have you been on that have not only changed your life but also changed someone else's life for the better?  Traditionally viewed as a 'gap year' holiday, the ability to Volunteer Overseas has become increasingly fashionable with a generation keen to experience a 'holiday with a difference' once children have flown the nest. Additionally, adults seeking a challenge or professionals looking for a worthwhile Sabbatical break are increasingly booking overseas volunteering holidays.

With the latest disasters there has been a steady rise in Volunteer bookings, especially for locations outside the Euro zone. Many Volunteers choose to travel out of season because that's when they can provide an essential helping hand on projects.  That's also when the usual number of tourists crushing throng drops significantly and the area is quieter, typically in October, March and May.

Programmes Director, Caroline Revell comments: "With people starting to count the pennies this is a great way to feel you are getting real value from your holiday. It's a great way to travel as well as do some of the most crucial charity work you will ever do. Volunteering abroad will help you gain new skills, self-confidence, meet new people, widen horizons, challenge perceptions and, above all, ensure that impoverished or remote communities have the support to develop."

With volunteering projects starting from as little as 35 per week including accommodation, being able to volunteer abroad is quickly becoming seen as a viable holiday option, particularly in times of recession.

What is it like, working on these far-flung enterprises?  First of all, you can look forward to lots of hard work and heavy sweat.  You can also expect to find a much closer look at the people of that area.  What do they look like in work clothes, What are they talking about most? What are they thinking of?  How do they look forward to the completion of this project?  Keep a record of your discoveries, take some pictures, especially of the places you go when not working on the project.  When you get home, let the editor of the biggest local papers know about your journal and photos.  It's best to bring your portfolio and just drop in.  If you have a web site of your own you can drop these thoughts and pictures into your site.

Original Volunteers has close links to over 100 different projects in countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nepal and Thailand, delivering bespoke experiences for each traveler, matching them to a team or cause which suits their personality, skills, aims and goals.

With 80% of volunteers travelling on their own this is the perfect way to meet new like-minded people. Travelling in groups of on average five to ten people volunteers often become friends for life and sometimes a little bit more!

Research carried out by The American Express Currency Index has shown an increase in British people choosing long haul destinations as a result of a weakened pound against the US dollar and the Euro. With long haul destination representing better value for money in the currency stakes.

"The hardest part was going home!" This may sound like the end to most holidays but what if this statement was actually true? How many holidays have you been on that have not only changed your life but also changed someone else's life for the better?

Original Volunteers is giving people the opportunity to do this in over 18 countries around the world.

For more details Visit:


Destination Guides

FREE articles are much easier to get published than are the ones you try to sell.  The ones you sell usually go for some fixed sum; the best you can ever hope for is $3,000 and as a beginner you'll be lucky to receive $300.  

FREE articles published on the web always let you advertise in the credits line at the bottom of the article.  For example: Share Your State (a travel web site) will give you free advertising in your credit line, AND also give you up to 100 words of advertising near the top of the article.

Some of the best articles on web sites have been there since day one,  Every time your article is pulled up, that byline gets flashed on the contented surfer.  The more articles you get published, the more times your byline and advertising get seen and the more money you can make.

In order to be ADVERTISING you must have something to sell that WILL SELL. 

The best thing to sell (for a writer) is your own writing, pictures and information.  There just ain't no thrill to compare with seeing money roll in for your own book or report.  While it is probably true that you'll earn more by concentrating on one particular subject -- such as horses to ride -- it is also true that writers like me can jump from one subject to another and keep the excitement running high, and the money rolling in.

Well, eventually you do get used to that money rolling in -- and the day will come that you prefer making MORE money for writing and services that you don't have to work at providing.  This is usually called affiliate marketing.  That concept just means you will be helping someone else market their product or service.

  • CitySearch - arts and entertainment guides for major American and international cities.

  • Lonely Planet - down-to-earth travel information designed to kickstart your travels and help you on your way.

  • Complete Vacation Guide can help you lodge, drive, fly and cruise when you travel to your favorite destinations. Use the buttons to find savings on hotels and vacation rentals, rental cars, airfares, cruises, and road trips. Check out the destination guides below to pick your trip.

  • Fodor's - your guide to destinations around the world.

  • - offers destination guides, weekly travel deals and advice, photos, maps, and more.

  • - create customized travellers' web sites, share stories, view maps, and more.

  • Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online - bargain tips, message boards, and an online magazine.

  • Lycos City Guide - find your favorite town, or explore a place you've never seen.

  • Outdoor Recreation and Travel Resources [] - includes pointers to city/state/country pages which includes outdoor recreation and travel information, travelogues and travel FAQs.

  • Metroville - links to local information and services.


  1. Here are some of great methods showing how writers can earn money..

  • Freelance print magazine writer

  • Freelance web writer

  • Staff writer

  • Paid columnist

  • Paid blogger

  • Proofreader Staff

  • contributing editor

  • Guidebook author

  • Writing coach

  • Writing teacher

  • Ghost writer

  • Commercial copywriter

  • Photographer Videographer

  • Radio broadcasting

  • Travel book author

  • Workshop presenter or speaker

  • Tour guide

If you like those ideas from my friend, check out his splendid, helpful, friendly blog for some exquisitely well-written advice.  (FREE, I might add.)


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