Romance Novel


Pride and Prejudice,

Jane Eyre

Honest Abe.. Behind the myths lived the man nobody knew.

Martin Eden  by Jack London, in my opinion this is the very best book Jack London ever wrote and definitely the best romance he ever wrote.

I Married A Ranger is the fascinating true story of the first woman to work for the National Park Service at the Grand Canyon in the old Wild West.  This is a book of rare humor, western adventure, touching romance -- and packed with historical fact. 

Most publishers will dazzle you with fizz and spit, Muscle, blood and sands that grit.  We match their electronic cellulose with crackling ink and perfect prose -- with red-eyed power, and pure writing skills that never quit.

LOVE OF LIFE, by Jack London  Here is an exciting collection of frozen north short stories by the great author, Jack London.  Because Call of the Wild was so wildly successful we sometimes forget that Jack London had many other titles of wildly successful books.  At a mere penny per word it is excusable that Jack London produced some work that was less than perfect and fell to the wayside, but as he began to add notches to his belt to accommodate a larger girth, his natural genius was given the time it needed to produce exceedingly great works and well nigh perfect works. 

This is a collection of a few of Jack London's truly great works.  Each of the short stories has a depth to them that in this abbreviated day they could almost be published separately as individual novels.  RIGHT Click on the title, and download your copy to your own computer so you can share it with your friends.

Anne of Green Gables This is acknowledged as the absolute best coming-of-age romance novel of all time.  For the BrowzerBooks Book Club, Tale Wins has published the book with a comfortable width for easier scanning and the font is Verdana of 14 pt for even more comfort while reading.  Then, the distance between the lines of type was increased by a full 50%, ----- As a final touch the distance between each letter was also expanded -- and on top of that the pages are stacked end on end so that all you have to do is put your monitor on a level with your eye and keep punching the <pgDn> button to produce more narrative in a continuous stream of reading pleasure.  Like I've said before.. Our free books are PRICELESS!


***** Emmathe story of Emma Woodhouse. Emma was handsome, clever, and rich. She had a comfortable Victorian home and a happy disposition. The only problem Emma had was this irresistible urge to meddle, for the good of the other parties, of course. Fortunately, Emma didn't know she had a problem; and that was really the problem, wasn't it?

The Southerner,... In reading this epic romance, please remember that it is not just a northern echo of Gone With the Wind.  This sweeping novel contains many incidents that might even appear far fetched at first glance, yet they were dug right out of the pages of history.  Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were born within just a few miles of each other. 

They actually met once, face to face and neither recognized greatness in the face facing them.  Both were Southern gentlemen in their thought processes and character. 

Their ways parted -- forever, it seemed

-- It was only the tragic sweep of history that brought them back face to face in the bloodiest war ever fought on earth, where gallantry was still precious on the battle field but ideals were mere commodities, stolen from the soldiers and sold on the auction block to the highest bidder. 

No war was ever watched with more earnest interest by the rest of the world than the American Civil War.

This war would bloody the pages of history long after the last soldier was laid down to rest, at a frozen, battle-ready  Parade Rest.




Now for a real Treasure...  You have read the first one, and yearned for a second novel just as good.   Well, a second volume of blazing romance with similar length and even better writing than the first volume is now available by this same author, ready for your immediate download.  Its steady finger traces out the romantic life of Jefferson Davis and others with even more exciting detail than our first novel afforded to Abraham Lincoln.

Socola will thrill you from the first page to the very last windup.


"If you had lived in this country long, M'seur, you would have heard of _la Maison de Mort Rouge_

"The House of the Red Death, as you would call it.

"That is where we are now deep in the dungeon room. Once upon a time it was a Hudson Bay post, abandoned almost since I can remember. When I was a child the smallpox plague tore through this way and killed all the people in its path. Nineteen years ago the red plague came again, and again, not one person lived through it in this _Poste de Mort Rouge._

"Since then it has been left to the weasels and the owls and even they have died. It is shunned by every living soul between the Athabasca and the bay. And I shall leave you here.  Perhaps you will be safe?  "At least, no one shall disturb you."


**  The Romance of Tristan & Iseult

Each book on my list is handpicked
for quality writing and Family Friendly Value. 
If you discover you like any of the books on
this list you will probably like about 90%
of the other titles that I pick out.

Each book goes through a full examination
before it is listed here for your download.


This must be a MAN'S kind of romance as I have thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover.  There are over two hundred pages, as I have formatted it, and it is suitable for printing out, if you so desire.

Cut from a bygone age when love was LOVE, golf is the background and indeed it is the driving force of this beautiful novel.  I'm sure that if I understood the game I would love this book all the more, but even in my complete ignorance I was fascinated with the entire body.  Even now I chortle when thinking of the hero driving a whole forty miles and making the trip in less than one day!  That must have been some kind of fast autoing.  Give this book a chance.  Download it now by clicking on the cover and you'll give yourself a great deal of pleasure.

** Mansfield Park By Jane Austen

***** Somerset Maugham

Tarzan of the Apes is yours to read for free on the web. 

An Enemy To The King,  A romance set in France.


It was in the early days of the Great World War that saw Sara Lee playing her part, first in the setting of a city in Pennsylvania. An old city and an ugly city, but still a wealthy one. It is only fair to Sara Lee if we say that she shared in neither quality. She was far from ugly, and very, very far from the safe crib of wealth.
She had started her part with a full stage, to carry on the figure, but one by one they had gone away into the wings and had not come back. At nineteen she was alone knitting by the fire, the fire that struggled to go out, with no idea whatever that the back drop was of painted net, and that beyond it, waiting for its moment, was the forest of adventure and the shadows of romance.   Read the whole book on our web site.

****  Marie Claire:  is another one of the free "page-turning"  books furnished us by Browzer Books.  Back in its day of publication this was all the rage in England and France for six long years.  Here is a teaser.. One morning la m re Colas got angry with us and told us that we were children of misfortune, and that she would not feed us any longer. She said we could go and look for our father, who had gone away nobody knew where. When her anger had passed she gave us our breakfasts as usual, but a few days afterwards we were put into p re Chicon's cart. The cart was full of straw and bags of corn. I was tucked away behind in a little hollow between the sacks. The cart tipped down at the back, and every jolt made me slip on the straw.

***** Monte Cristo, a huge novel by Alexandre Dumas, that needs no introduction.

*** Reflections of Love

****  Meet The Man In The Iron Mask  One of the original "thrillers" that is still one of the top classics of all time.  Alexandre Dumas at his best.

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**  A Princess of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs.

****  Ivanhoe -- online.

****  David Copperfield as a page turning book.

****  Persuasion 

**  Count Dracula 

*  Vikram and the Vampire 

THE THREE MUSKETEERS delivers more power-button romance.

****  IVANHOE by Sir Walter Scott

*** Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  by Robert Louis Stevenson.


** FRANKENSTEIN is probably the most star-twisted romance ever written.. 

****  A Romance of Exmoor.  One of the best romances you will ever read. 

*****  Great Expectations This is the best romance Charles Dickens ever produced, although A Tale Of Two Cities comes real close.

The movies are shown for decoration only
but they do reflect the fun and excitement
you will discover in reading these books.

Wuthering Heights is one of the original gothics and still just about the best one ever written.


The Links of Northmour, by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The Turf is there on top, rich, almost luxurious, but always beneath the turf is the sand. It is halted now, moving not - but ever ready to deal treachery out and let die with unwinking, uncaring eye. The Links they are called, and the pavilion that stands like a haunting flag is known quite simply as "The Pavilion On The Links."  My blood still runs cold when I think of those links, The Links of Northmour.


Overland Red. Click that link and read the first page.  Fit it on for style.  Download the whole book from there.


The Road To Anywhere, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Our hero is on the run and connects with a gang of cut throats that would gladly put an end to his run.

And, here is another one from France...

The Romance of Tristan & Iseult
Drawn from the best French Sources
and Retold by J. B dier
Rendered into English by H. Belloc



Princess Zara, a romantic adventure from the days of the last great Czar on earth.

Two shall be born the whole wide world apart;

And speak in different tongues, and have no thought

Each of the other's being, and no heed;

And these o'er unknown seas to unknown lands

Shall cross, escaping wreck, defying death,

And all unconsciously shape every act

And lend each wandering step to this one end,

That, one day, out of darkness, they shall meet

And read life's meaning in each other's eyes.

Susan Marr Spalding.


In a similar vein we have.. You Must Love My Twin Spirit It used to be there was a feeling, almost a belief, among the Native Americans of the Great Plains that each of them had a twin spirit, one that was almost them in outlook and ways.  This theory can erase loneliness, but sometimes it is even more powerful. Because life was so uncertain among the Native Americans one that felt his or her life was waning could assign a lover to find that one's twin spirit and love them "as you have loved me."  Antelope's story is almost like that, except that the one he loves doesn't tell him to go, find her twin spirit, until after her death.  And when he finds the twin spirit of his loved one, she is chief among the tribe that hates his most.


The Venus From Moscow, by Pushkin.  A very nice, almost mystical short romance from Paris where everybody still cuddles.  Elizabeth is a penniless but sweet young thing living with a mean-spirited but wealthy old Russian Countess.  One day Elizabeth glances out her window and there on the street below is this handsome young officer in the Engineers corp.

Naturally, Elizabeth shrinks back from the window and clutches at her heart.  Here it is, just like it happens in the Russian romance novels - and she is stricken on the spot.  "He is in love with me and hoping to get my attention by posting himself there on my Parisian street corner.  The swirling snow is turning his lips almost blue on this bitterly cold afternoon, that he ignores because the heat of his passion is keeping his feet and his heart warm."  Elizabeth nearly swoons again.  Well, I won't ruin it for you.  Download this novel and read it for yourself, but I will tell you that with Pushkin at the author's throttle you can look in a dozen mirrors and never know who is the fairest one of them all until the last snowflake melts.


Sense and Sensibility is more modern and strangely nostalgic.

Jane Austen wrote several classics, Sense and Sensibilities, Pride and Prejudice -- but even Jane's mother had disparaging things to say about Mansfield Park. Yet almost all the critics agree, the book is well-written. "It's just --."

As Jane's popularity soars again there is a renewed interest in Mansfield Park. Will it finally be elevated to the same level as Jane's other classics? Or is there a flaw in the basic fabric which will hold it forever back?  Click HERE to make up your own mind.


Do you find it strange that the old masters can so easily hold their own among the most noted authors flashing across our literary publishing horizon of today? 

I don't.

The old masters became masters because they produced works of greatness that the human race would cherish, cherish forever. 


David Copperfield is available in pdf -- OR -- David Copperfield can be downloaded as a page-turning PC book.  Just remember, this book is twice as long as Pride and Prejudice. Oh, one more thing, To Open The Page-Turning Book, click in the bottom right hand corner of the front cover.

Tarzan of the Apes is yours to read for free on the web.  Click HERE.

A Princess of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs


When The Wood Gods Dance, A romance from Denmark, by Hans Christian Andersen.  Yes, a romance from Brother Andersen, and it is very, very good.  Please RIGHT CLICK on the title, and download it to your computer.


Dare I say it? Dare I say that I, a plain old prosaic lieutenant in the Republican Service have done all these incredible things here set forth, and done them for the love of a woman -- No, not for a woman, for a mere chimera in female shape; for a pale, vapid ghost of a real woman's loveliness? I know you will laugh if I simply give you the summary of my travails.
I know that you would hastily cast me aside as a fabricator; an unpolished liar, and I pause and deign to quit, and then I sigh again and pick up my pen and collect the scattered pages, for I MUST write this story and give it to the world I am constrained to share the pallid splendor of that thing I loved, and won, and lost, and that is ever before me, and will not be forgotten or shunted aside.
The tumult of the struggle into which that vision led me still throbs in my mind, the soft, lisping voices of the planet I ransacked for its sake and the roar of the destruction which followed me back from the quest drowns all other sounds in my ears! I must and will write this story -- it relieves the tremors of my mind to write out the facts as they really happened; so read, read and believe me as you list.

Click the Cover
To Download

The Story of Pip
One of the last classics
Written by Charles Dickens

This IS a Page-Turning book
And will not work on Macs.


A romance from the frozen north
Tingling, wonderful, deadly.


Diamonds ARE Forever

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