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Grab this copy of the immortal classic of situation humor: THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER, by Mark Twain.  It has been republished by Browzer Books.  It is ready for your immediate download and the pages, flip. 

The Book of Huckleberry Finn.  The story of an uncivilized boy that took a runaway slave down the river.

Fun Situations to make you flip.  Use them in your comedy act.

Secrets of Success, according to Lucy Goosey 
Sound of Music Stories  Why Julie Andrews decided to take the part.

One unforgettable Sunday our church had a three-year- old preacher, an organist who could only play one song, an altercation involving the offering and a visiting beagle who knocked over the pulpit. It happened this way on . . One Unforgettable Sunday.

Light-Hearted Stories of Hope 
The Lady Ore the Tiger
Christmas Lists 
Hot New Dog Race Explodes with a bang from the City Hall in Stuttgart and will continue uninterupted until the winners collect their winnings on the front steps of the Bank of England, which will be holding the magnificent purse.

The Skeeter Beater
, by Lin Stone 
The First Romeo and the Last Juliet, by Earl H. Roberts 
The Beebe Flea Market
by Maggie Wood 
Where in the World, by Maggie Wood 
Buddha in the Bathtub by Earl H. Roberts

Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts, even if Johnny was so crazy with jealousy that --

Masters of Disguise  tales from Hollywood. 
Stories of Shirley Temple in Hollywood 
The Church of the Chaise Lounge, If it feels good, sleep on it. 
Warner Brothers leads the way to Sound movies.
The Crabgrass Connection -- (Or, If We intend to Save America, we MUST quit blowing off Steam!)    Lin offers no apologies for tackling Chinese midgets in this one.  He sincerely believes that we must quit feeding the hand that bites us if we want to conquer the crabgrass in our front yards.

The Couch Potato's Credible Comeback 
Insurance Humor 
Victory over the Virus 
Galded in the Saddle
, an exposition of the cure that bites from the behind. 

The Great White Sharks of Gila Bend 
Uncle Saul NEEDS You

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is chocked full of G-Rated essays, stories and articles by this great author.  Most of the stories are ones you will read over again, and again, and want to pass on.  Make thousands of copies, if you need them.  Just Click HERE and download the complete book, right now.  There is no charge, and no obligation.  Read it for as long as you want to.  Make as many copies as you want to.

Tales of the Broke and Famous
Noah's Departure 
A Google Addict 
A man and his wife are soon parted. 
The Dust Bunnies Are EVERYWHERE! 
Body Building Inventions you haven't seen yet

Brand Them GOOD!
The Adventures of Psi King 

Dear Abby:  A plea for help. 
Ancient Document Discovered
by Earl H. Roberts:  This one will find most interest from those with a military background, including those who have watched a few war movies. 
Drop Him GOOD
, by Earl H. Roberts

Liquid Vitamins in a Liquid World?  What is this world coming to?
Rising From The Ashes, by Earl H. Roberts.  Sometimes we just flat gotta face facts head on and honestly if we intend for the flames of ambition to lift us to new heights.