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A Tale Of Two Cents
is a fascinating account
of our Lincoln penny piece.

Make money before you write your book.  139 pages of detailed information will show you how.  Written by Lin Stone.

David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens.  Please, RIGHT CLICK the link.  This is in pdf format so that any computer can read it.

Short Stuff by Lin Stone  

The War of the Worlds -- the classic written by H.G. Wells is now available as a Browzer Books edition for PCs.

The Lore of the Corn-Burning Stove.  

Be SURE to RIGHT  CLICK this title, instead of left click, and then select SAVE TARGET AS to save it to your computer.  Insider's Recipes, a preview copy but VERY large.  Includes recipes for Pay Day candy bars, A&W chili dogs, Cracker Barrel Cherry Chocolate Cobbler, El Pollo Loco Chicken, Chili's Grilled Caribbean Chicken Salad, Burger King's Breakfast Sandwiches, and much more.  This book is in pdf, for MAC and PC users alike.

Christmas, and Christmas packages,
this isn't just one book, but six. 

Tales from the Light Side are true stories by Lin Stone 
which are based solely on reports to the contrary, 
reports which we know for a fact to be false.

There is a romance about diamonds, and once you know their story you will appreciate the diamonds in your life much more. Everyone loves the romantic story about the man with a large ranch who became dizzy with the thought of finding a diamond mine. He sold everything he had, put his family on hold, and set off around the world in search of diamonds. Death caught up with him before he found his first diamond and one of his old neighbors was dispatched to tell the family of his departure. As he was about to leave the neighbor noticed a rock on the mantle and asked where it had come from. 'Our old ranch,' he was told. 'That's a diamond,' he said. And the old ranch, the one the man had left behind to forage through the world to find his fortune in diamonds, was full of diamonds.


The Role of Wildlife Rehabilitators in Disaster Preparedness and Response, This one opens like a paper book, and the pages turn like a paper book.  It is not searchable.

Crafts make wonderful gifts. Now I don't pretend that ANY crafty gift is precious. A star made from popsicle sticks glued together might bring yards of happiness when given from a four-year old, but look rather tacky if you are forty. The gifts you choose to make for others should spring from a craft you do exceedingly well. A good craft gift might be defined as anything you do with your hands that makes your heart sing while you are making it. When the one receiving the gift hears that singing and joins in then you will have given a gift which is priceless. Not all of us knows what a rabbet is, but all of us will have talents which give us an affinity to at least one of the crafty ideas inside this package. I invite you to check out the book marks and dig in. Don't be afraid to try any of these ideas. Each one was chosen for the author's skill in explaining the steps to take. You will probably be pleasantly surprised and how easily you acquire the skills needed for any craft idea that you like. There is a link in each craft article so that you can easily reach the author for similar material.
freebo/craftygifts.pdf is the download site.
This book will make a swell gift for all your craft loving friends. Pass it on.

'Ulysses S. Grant was the most ordinary-looking man of high position I had ever met,' said Andrew Carnegie. 'and the last that one would select at first glance as a remarkable man. I remember that Secretary of War Stanton said that when he visited the armies in the West, General Grant and his staff entered his car; he looked at them, one after the other, as they entered and seeing General Grant, said to himself, "Well, I do not know which is General Grant, but there is one that cannot be." Yet this was he.'

Download a FREE electronic edition
of The Book of Mormon

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The Truth about Virus Dangers
There ARE ways to protect your computer!
Actually, we'll be publishing an entire series
on How to Guard, Protect and Rebuild your computer.

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