TaleWins had an annual readership of 1.4 million until Google kicked the small web site owner in the teeth and left us to strangle on the vine.  When the dust settled I had less than 20 pages still in Google's top 10 for their   individual keywords.  Now I'm getting significantly less than a million visitors per year. 

Blogs have one important feature you might not know about; when you make a post, search engines can come running just a few seconds later.  I've learned how to make that happen more regularly, with the judicious use of video.  SHORT videos to be more specific.

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That means you can


ANY time
you need them.

Blogging can have a huge impact on your own online business and now, even more so with the rise in popularity of video blogging.  Skip down a few frames to see what I mean.

I've put together a short report revealing the steps you can take REPEATEDLY to generate traffic for your web site.  There's nothing complicated about it. 

  1. Pick a hot topic

  2. Make an interesting post

  3. Do a 2 step ad

  4. add a short video to your post.

This report will provide you with everything you need -- all of the knowledge, -- strategies -- and tools you need to become a successful blogger. 

I'll show you how to pick your topic, how to produce a post in a hurry, where to post your 2 step ads -- and I'll show you how to pick out your video, or how to make your own for free.  This report will show you how to benefit from this medium like I have.

All you will need to do is
put your personal show on the road.. 

Nobody can guarantee you a nickel's worth of profit so I'm not even going to warp some words your way to make you think I'm talking big money in your pocket here. 

330 free gifts that you can sell over and over again.

So, here's what's happening.  Type your true email address into the form below.  As soon as you hit SEND you'll be whisked straight to the download site for my 24 page report.

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It's real easy to slap a false email address in there and still get your 24 page report for free, and you can even tell your friends how to go directly to that download page to get their report for free -- but if you do put your true email address in there then (within 3 days) I will send you the 92 page report originally valued at $37.00 -- as mentioned below, for free. 

Making TV commercials for the Internet could be your ticket for Good, steady income that could keep bringing in money for a lifetime.

You probably already have most of the equipment you will need; and this 92 page manual will lead you straight through what to do and how to do it.  Don't cheat yourself out of it.



I also make headers for your blogs.

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